July 21

YouTube Channel Updates


Peace and Blessings! I do quite a few different things and was unsure how to handle YouTube. I initially was going to have separate channels, but that didn’t seem like a good fix.

So I let things be for a while until I got clarity on things.

Instead of having a channel. for Healing Single Mothers and the Spiritual Love Sanctuary, I decided to create 1 channel under my name, The Spiritual Love Healer. This was my channel name before I changed it to Healing Single Mothers.

I feel really good about this since I am the common thread between the videos I create. I have a simple labeling system to help you know which videos are what.

The Spiritual Love Healer YouTube Channel Labels

This is the format —> Video Name | Label

| The Spiritual Love Healer – personal videos, general stuff,

| Healing Single Mothers – Videos related to the Community, Show, or specific to single Mom life, issues, or topics

| Spiritual Love Sanctuary – Videos related to healing, spirituality, or where I am teaching

| Spiritual Love Tarot – Tarot readings and Tarot related content


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