August 31

Your Money Matters


I must say that personal finance has been a challenge for me, but I made the decision to do something about it. I took the time to look at where I was, and where I thought I should be, and figure out a way to get there. Not long after I started this journey to abundance, I found out I was pregnant.

I wondered how many women like myself were in this situation. I’m sure it’s not something most people talk about, but I have to be real with myself. Over the last several months I have made great strides in my personal finances.

The struggle is not over, but I have won some battles and I know VICTORY WILL BE MINE!!

I’m passing along some tips that helped me:

Know Where You Stand

Examine where you are financially.

How much are you spending and on what? What is your monthly income and what are your monthly expenses?

If you don’t have or use a budget. Make one, and most importantly stick to it.

Cut back where you can. If you just have to have that *insert whatever it is*, make sure all your important expenses are covered first.

Get Help from a Professional

Talk to a financial counselor. Many banks offer this as a service to their members. It may also be a benefit through your employer or job benefits.

Take advantage of any resources you have available

Be Accountable to Yourself

Hold yourself accountable! It’s also helpful if you have someone else supporting you. Many banks offer financial advising for free to their customers. There are also certified financial advisors and coaches.

When it comes to your money, make sure you are working with someone who is reputable and knows what they are doing. Vet these people to ensure they are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Also, remember to recognize even the smallest success that you achieve. It all counts!

Stay Focused

Use your vision to fuel your success. I know what type of life I want for myself and my girls. In order to get that life, I had to make some changes.

Create a vision board of your future and the things you want. Put it on your phone, your desktop background. Look at them, breathe them, and live them.

Let your goals and future be your focus. Shift your perspective on spending and money. Never give up!

Make Your Money Your Business

No one really taught me about finances. I remember in elementary school taking a banking and budgeting class. We learned how to balance a checkbook and talked about savings.

I knew money was important, but financial skills are something that needs to be taught at home and throughout school because not all of us are set up at home to be educated about finances.

I talk to my daughters about money, budgeting, being financially responsible. Including what credit is, and why these numbers and pieces of paper are important.

I want to write a book about this so they can have a solid head start in life. I want my girls and little girls like them to have a better future. In order to do that I must teach them what I know, while also showing them.

Ironically, I love finance. I do well with accounting and business finance, anything related to it. College helped me apply that knowledge to my life. I am able to break down a company’s financial statements and make smart investments. This is why I talk about abundance and money in addition to Love. They are interconnected. Explore these concepts with me and manifest the love and life you desire inside the Abundance Code Collective.

No matter your financial situation, you can turn it around and create a new lifestyle for yourself. That is what living Abundantly Ever After is all about. It’s empowering you to heal and helping you create the life you desire.

Change your perspective, change your life! Are you ready?


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