October 23

Your Emotions are Real and Valid


Emotions are real and valid. It’s okay to express them.

It’s also okay to let go of things that don’t serve you and have no place in your life.

These two words are strong and powerful for letting it go.

Your Emotions are Real and Valid

Often we are judged for expressing ourselves; being labeled the stereotypical angry Black Woman, or being too emotional.

Emotions are real and they happen to everyone! If you push me far enough I will get angry, it’s not because I am Black, or because I am a Woman, but because as a person you upset me.

Many people think that because of Positive Forward Movement that I can’t be upset, sad, or experience any other emotions.

That is not what this is about.

It’s not about being a doormat or holding in emotions, or thinking you have to force yourself to smile or hold back tears in the name of positivity.

Positive Forward Movement is a lifestyle of evolution and transformation. 

I share this with you to allow you the same healing, growth, and freedom that healing and self-love bring. 

Living from a place of love has nothing to do with not being able to feel or experience life.

Beyoncé let everyone know that she was a Woman, a Black Woman who experiences life in her album Lemonade.

When I saw the image of Beyoncé with both her middle fingers up it resonated with me for so many reasons.

I saw the core of every woman who was tired and had something to say. I didn’t view the image as being negative, the message I got from it was ‘fuck the rest’.

The rest is the drama, the haters, the negativity! If it doesn’t serve you then fck it.

Fuck It

You may not like this and that’s okay, but just hear me out. Those two words together are pretty powerful.

Even when said quietly they are loud.

If you don’t like the word choice, make up your own ‘Let It Go’ phrase.

No matter what, there will be challenges in life, and you’ll go through a range of emotions.

As much as I promote positivity and reaching goals, I have bad days. I am human!

Experiencing life means both the good and the bad. The key is not to get stuck and let the bad outweigh the good.

When Life Gives You Lemons

This is the spiked lemonade. You know the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Yep that’s it except that being positive doesn’t mean you don’t experience the negative, you just take the bitter with the sweet and keep on rolling.

Things will happen that will upset you or make you sad. You won’t always be happy, but you can always experience happiness!

Allow yourself a spiked lemonade! You can honor your icky feelings, and get right back to business. I say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and add some vodka to it!

Some days you may want to cry or scream. Do it! Get it out, then pick yourself back up and keep going. Learn from your challenges, don’t let them hold you back.

Life Gets Sweeter

I had to say fuck a few things in my life, and I’m okay with that.

In fact my life has been better since cutting people and things out of my life that didn’t serve me.

I decided to have a positive outlook on life a long time ago.

When things go wrong, or I’m in my feelings, I have my little fit then I fix my face and shift back into positive forward movement.

At the end of the day, I know that better is just around the corner.

This is the positive mindset that keeps me smiling in spite of life’s challenges. While focusing on the positive, the negative energy needs to be released in a healthy manner.

There are positive ways to release negative energy so I am going to share a few with you:

  1.      Exercise  
  2.      Dance
  3.      Paint
  4.      Pamper yourself
  5.      Take a daycation
  6.      Visit friends or family
  7.      Cry (it really is okay to cry)
  8.     Pray or Meditate
  9.      Color
  10. Read
  11. Watch a funny movie
  12. Go to dinner with a friend
  13. Talk about it
  14. Take up a hobby – sewing, paint, fishing
  15. Forgive yourself

You can be a good happy, positive person and have bad days. You can also say Fuck It, if you need to.

It’s all about how you handle them.

How do you bounce back from the not so good days?


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