November 8

Why I Stopped Purchasing New Tarot and Oracle Decks


To date I have over 300 decks. When I first started reading cards, I started with the traditional RWS deck. I couldn’t connect to it. The images seemed so harsh. I knew I needed these cards, so instead I worked with the Angel Tarot. Those gentle cards guided me through learning Tarot and enabled me to understand that the messages and images weren’t meant to scare me.

After learning to read using the Angel Tarot, I was able to read Tarot. It also informed how I read in a major way.

I remember when I had just 7 decks. RWS, Angel Tarot, Fairy Tarot, and a few Goddess and Angel Oracles. Fast forward to now and my collection has grown exponentially. I started collecting cards rather than reading them.

At first, it felt good, I had the money to invest in new decks, so there weren’t any worries, but then things stopped feeling good. I was swimming in decks! I had more than I could use.

Opening a new deck and exploring the cards brought me great joy! But a lot of card decks have heir own system and language, loosely based on the traditional card meanings. There’s a lot of learning with some newer decks.

Don’t get me wrong I love a good deck, but it was getting to the point where having so many cards caused confusion, overwhelm. I was disconnected from my practice and wondering what was the purpose. I questioned the validity of cards, my skill as a reader, my intuition and everything.

What was I doing?

I was sharing my practice, doing a lot of readings and I felt called to STOP. Doing monthly zodiac readings started feeling icky. The people coming to me for readings, seemed to be desperately wanting 1 answer. I felt like I was doing more harm than good reading for others, so I stopped.

In fact, I took a break from everything social media, coaching and healing clients, and my business as a whole. I was in hermit mode and started approaching Tarot with a beginners mind.

Then things started coming together.

Finding Abundant Life Tarot

I found Abundant Life Tarot on YouTube and really loved her channel and personality. I joined her group on Facebook and found out that she had a course all about deck collecting!

That was life, and Tarot practice changing for me.

Taking her course helped me become more mindful of my collection. Before taking it I had no idea how many decks I had. So I compiled a log of all my decks and how much I spend on them. It’s also great that I have this for inventory purposes should anything happen to my decks.

Now that I can see what decks I have and their themes, it helps me decide whether or not I want to purchase a deck. Do I really need a new animal themeed tarot deck, when I already have like 7 of them? Probably not!

Plus most decks, especially mass market, don’t have the same quality. What happened to all the gilded edges?!

Another reason I stopped buying decks is because I had to put my collectioon in storage. From the decks I had at the time I kept about 20 with me. Now I have about 100 in my posetion while the rest are in storage. Most of these were Kickstarters that came in or I caught some super sales on decks.

There’s no point for me to purchase any decks, because when I unpack my collection, it will be like receiving new decks all over again. One of the things Kim does in the Abundant Life Tarot goup is deck studiyes. I love thes because it’s the perfect way to work with decks I already have.

Currently I don’t want to sell any of my decks. Though I have over 300 of them, almost all of them came to me for a reason. There are very few that I purchased on impulse. I do have some that I look at like why did I even buy that, but those are few and far in between.

I can see that there are some advantages to having a small collection of decks. You have a deep connection with your cards and still have variety. Having a large deck collection has it’s pros and cons as well. I may share mine in a future post.

Deck Purchase Requirements

I do have a wishlist of decks that I want to purchase. It’s not even long enough that I need to write it down. I did coe up with some guidelines for myself to get new decks.

Currently, I’m only interested in melanated decks or those aligned with my heritage/ancestry. Also decks created by melanated people.

If a deck catches my eye outside of that, it has to be high quality and the artwork must sing to my heart.

At this stage in my journey, I no longer desire to collect decks just for the sake of it. The cards must be for me.


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