May 7

Why I Stopped Doing Readings on YouTube


I love doing Tarot readings. I started out doing collective readings on my original channel, The Spiritual Love Healer. The messages were clear, beautiful and so much fun for me to bring forward.

Eventually, I began doing monthly readings for each Zodiac sign, but then something shifted and the readings no longer felt good or useful.

I started seeing so many readings with triggering titles, and negative information and I also noticed a lot of “readers” that weren’t readers. Reading for people is something that I take seriously. My spirit didn’t feel good about doing readings and it felt like I was adding to the noise and causing more confusion than I was doing good.

People can become addicted to Tarot readings, always searching for answers and messages that fit what they want or need to hear. I felt that I needed to revisit my intentions and the way I was doing my readings altogether.

The message I received from my Spiritual Team was to stop doing the readings, so I did. I missed them, but it’s really important to me that I am being of service and making a positive impact.

During this time my personal Tarot practice shifted as well. I started Spiritual Love Tarot as a journal for me to document my readings, but in reality, it was the start of shifting my work as a spiritual healer.

This year, in 2022, things shifted again and I got the green light to start doing readings. I spent a lot of time reconnecting to my Tarot practice and got a lot of clarity about myself as reader and how I am to support people with Tarot. So the true intention of Spiritual Love Tarot was revealed and it seemed like everything I’ve been working towards came together in a beautiful way.

Tarot and Oracle cards have been part of my life since 2005, and I never thought that I would “be a reader” the cards were a tool that I used in addition to my work as a healer and coach, but now they are leading the way of my work.

I stopped doing readings on YouTube so that I could revisit my intentions, and listen to what my Guides needed me to do. This year it became abundantly clear that my readings needed to start back up and be focused on love, healing, manifesting, mindset, and matters of the heart because so many people are struggling and starving for connection.

It was so confusing and also intriguing because it was clear that I couldn’t use my existing channel or website to do this, everything needed to be new. Trust me, I resisted. I already have a decent following with my existing social platforms and to have to start from scratch was disheartening, but I get it.

Initially, I started a channel dedicated to just Tarot, then transitioned to using my name, but none of that fit. I had to revisit everything and that’s when I decided to focus on creating one platform, Abundantly Ever After.

I am listening to Spirit and trusting in this journey for all of us. Be sure that you’re following me on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. I also have a Facebook page too.

The world is experiencing so many shifts and our hearts and minds need to be guided and comforted. I’ve started transitioning my channel and site to align with the guidance I receive and will begin doing more readings for the show and on social.

This is a fresh start for me and a beautiful way for me to support others that is in alignment with my path and purpose. I cannot wait to have everything up and running to share my message and readings with the world!


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