August 31

Why Binging YouTube Readers is NOT Recommended


Let me start by saying, watching YouTube readers is totally fine! I do readings there from time to time on my main channel, The Spiritual Love Healer.

What is not good is channel hopping from reader to reader. Here are a few reasons why:

What Are You Seeking

Whatever you’re seeking, you ultimately will find. You will come across many readers on social. Many of their messages will conflict and that’s because every reader is different. As readers we all have our own way of reading and interpreting the cards. I won’t even touch on tthe fact that there are a ton of fake readers, healers, and spiritualists on the net these days.

If one reader says yes, everything will be fine and the next one says nope, prepare for the worst… what do you then believe. Now you’ve gotten even more confused and you keep scrolling searching for the right video with the right message.

I pulled back from doing collective readings because it didn’t feel right to me anymore. When I tuned in with my spirit, I was guided to pause on reading. I still did readings for myself and my clients, but not general ones on my social media platforms.

Collective Readings are General

It is totally okay to watch Tarot readings, however those readings are not specific to you. If you are basing your life choices from a YouTube reader that is problematic.

First off you are giving away your power to that reader and not sourcing yourself, your spirit, or your intuition for guidance on what to do.

Secondly, you are receiving a general message for the collective. It could resonate with you and still not be for you.

If you are truly seeking guidance, then I recommend that you book a reading with a trusted reader and not just rely on social media posts or readings. That way you get messages that are specific to you and your situation.

Are You Giving Away Your Power?

Binging readings online can become addictive and lead you to give away your power rather than trusting yourself to make decisions and relying on your intiuition. As a healer, coach, and reader who’s mission is to help others, there are certain things that I will and will not do. I have a code of ethics and always educate my clients.

I noticed a pattern in the clients I was getting for readings. They had gone to many readers and were then coming to me about the same issue wanting a different answer. When that happened my cards always focused on them and their need to heal. I stopped offering readings for a while after that because I don’t want to contribute to a growing problem.

Right now I’m transitioning into more energy healing, bodywork and coaching so my Tarot reading practice is focused on being a private practice rather than me offering readings as a service. I will share collective readings around healing and manifesting as I feel called on the Show, you can find them here, but my books are currently closed.

I love doing readings for people. It brings me joy and makes my heart smile. When I do collective readings I make them as specific as I can so that it focuses on a particular issue rather than doing something general that could potentially cause confusion for someone.

Next time you are looking for guidance start within yourself first. Mediation, prayer, and journaling can all be ways to divine. Not to mention you can get a book, card deck, or some crystals to receive your own messages.

You are intuitive. We all are! Learn to speak that intuitive language that lives within you.


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