November 11

11.11.22 Card of the Day: I Am Whole, Loved, & Complete

The World Card in this deck is so beautiful. I love how all the elements are represented in each corner of the card.

The colors are captivating, and the monarch butterfly represents transformation.

The metamorphosis begins with a caterpillar entering a cocoon. Magic happens and later out comes the butterfly.

One of the things I learned is there’s a struggle the butterfly goes through. Before it’s able to come out of the cocoon, it has to fight a bit.

This helps its wings to dry, enabling the butterfly to take flight once it emerges.

Pachamama represents the Great Mother, or World Mother. A reminder to follow the spiritual paths that are calling to me.

I also feel my maternal line and the women ancestors are truly with me. My abuela, Alma I know is with me. I love her so much! What I know about herbs came down through her and my mother.

From my paternal grandmother, Sarah, I connect with through my love of sewing, knitting and my desire to learn quilting. She had a beautiful antique sewing machine and gorgeous doll collection that no one could dare touch.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

The World typically means completion, things coming full circle, a cycle has completed, success, and fulfillment. I also associate it with oneness and elevation.

Today’s message is that you are complete. You e been able to take what you’ve needed from life experiences and build something beautiful.

Like the caterpillar, a completely new you has emerged. Go forward in love, peace and absolute reverence for yourself and all that is.

You are whole, loved, and complete.


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