October 22

What is She Doing Now?


I find myself asking this very question.

Only I know the answer. It was placed in my heart to use this domain for something. Initially I thought it would be for my coaching and Tarot readings, but no. That didn’t feel right to me.

I shifted my site and placed offerings to support spiritual business owners, I knew that wasn’t the THING. Since graduating from massage therapy school, I now have space.

It’s a different kind of space. One where the need to create is overwhelming. My energy desires to write and create in other ways.

Having published a few journals, it was then that I knew what this site was to be used for, my writing.

Yes, I have a website for my business. I also have a blog/podcast where I can talk about all the things I love dearly, but this is for my writing and the books and journals that I create. Soon I will share with you the writing projects that I currently have.

Long ago, I started writing Letters to My Daughter, but I never finished it. That was one of the hardest things for me to write. It’s getting added to my library as a project that I desire to finish.

I look forward to sharing my heart on these pages with you.


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