January 2

What Final Steps are You Taking in 2022?


Happy, Happy New Year!

This is the first live of 2022 and I do plan on making it a weekly thing. Each Sunday I’ll be live on Instagram for our weekly Enter the Sanctuary session. These won’t have a specific structure yet, but I’m going to show up with my heart and spiritual guidance and see what unfolds.

I have so many amazing things in store this year (this list has been updated so it reflects the shifts I’ve made during 2022):

  • Opening the Spiritual Love Community. This is a sacred space where we can connect. I share tips, readings, spiritual practices, and a lot more. We’ll have events and a book club too! This space is free for you to joinI created it to move my groups off of Facebook and into my own platform.
  • Courses on Self Love and Healing Heartbreak. I’m launching RenewYou Discover Self Love first (get on the waitlist here), and later the Heartbreak Healing Circle will be available.
  • Monthly Spiritual Love Circles. These healing circles will take place each month, and I’ll notify you in the Community when they are happening, so you can attend.
  • Abundance Code Collective. Doors to this group coaching and healing offering will be open and I cannot wait!! This is where I will be spending most of my time teaching, healing, and guiding members of the Collective. This is a great way to work with me in 2023.
  • Coaching Services. As with the Collective, coaching will also be my main focus. I want to support you in making lasting changes in your life through healing and spiritual guidance. My individual readings and healing sessions will be limited so that I can focus on teaching and coaching.
  • Confessions + #AskJovhannah. You can share your stories and ask me questions anonymously! I love doing this and cannot wait to see what rolls in. Share your stories or questions here
  • Starting the Abundantly Ever After Show. It’s coming soon and will be so much better. I’ve combined the Healing Single Mothers Show and Spiritual Love Podcast into one amazing show!

🥂Cheers to a New You, in this New Year.

🎇Wishing you an abundance of love, joy, adventure, and success in 2022 and beyond!


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