January 2

What Final Steps are You Taking in 2022?

Happy, happy New Year!

This is the first live of 2022 and I do plan on making it a weekly thing. Each Sunday I’ll be live on Instagram for our weekly Enter the Sanctuary session. These won’t have a specific structure yet, but I’m going to show up with my heart and spiritual guidance and see what unfolds.

I have so many amazing things in store this year:

  • Opening the Spiritual Love Community. This is a sacred space where we can connect. I share tips, readings, spiritual practices, and a lot more. We’ll have events and a book club too! This space is free for you to joinI created it to move my groups off of Facebook and into my own platform.
  • Courses on Self Love and Healing Heartbreak. I’m launching RenewYou Discover Self Love first (get on the waitlist here), and later in the year the Heartbreak Healing Circle will be available.
  • Monthly Spiritual Love Circles. These will happen monthly and I’ll notify you by email when they are happening, so you can join. The first is Jan. 11th at 7pm and it’s about self love.
  • Spiritual Love Collective. Doors to this group coaching and healing offering will be open and I cannot wait!! This is where I will be spending most of my time teaching, healing, and guiding members of the Collective. This is a great way to work with me in 2023.
  • Coaching Services. As with the Collective, coaching will also be my main focus. I want to support you in making lasting changes in your life through healing and spiritual guidance. My individual readings and healing sessions will be limited so that I can focus on teaching and coaching.
  • Confessions + #AskJovhannah. You can share your stories and ask me questions anonymously! I love doing this and cannot wait to see what rolls in. details coming soon!
  • Starting the Spiritual Love Podcast. It’s coming back and will be so much better. One of the things I’m including are weekly Angel Card Readings!!

🥂Cheers to a New You, in this New Year.

🎇Wishing you an abundance of love, joy, adventure, and success in 2022 and beyond!


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