March 6

What Do I Wear During a Reiki Session?


Short answer: YES!!

What do I wear during Reiki?? It’s a common question, so if you’ve been wondering don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Reiki is a new concept for a lot of people, and they want to know if they are clothed during the session.

It’s easy to think that you’d remove your clothing, but you don’t.

So to answer your question…YES!

Reiki is done with you fully clothed. I have my clients remove their shoes, and then you lay back on my treatment table, which is similar to a massage table.

It’s recommended that you wear something comfortable so you feel relaxed during your session.

My Reiki table is adjustable so that you can lay flat on your back, or you can be in a slightly reclined position.

You let me know what feels comfortable for you. During your session, I will have some relaxing healing music playing in the background.

Once the session begins, I will position my hands on or over your body. No sensitive areas of your body will ever be disturbed, and if you prefer a hands-off approach, that can be requested.

At this point, all you need to do is relax and remain open to the healing that is taking place on an energetic level.


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