November 2

Ways to Release Doubt and Fear


LoveWork to help you with releasing doubt and fear:

1.      Create an affirmation that you can use daily

2.      List all the things you accomplish that you were once fearful of

3.      List all the great things about yourself

4.      Find one action you can do towards that thing you are afraid of


See a beautiful golden white light in front of your body, see this light pushing out dissolving chains of doubt, and clearing out negative dark energy around your body.

From around your feet, your spine, your head, and your hands.

As these chains fall way, take a step and see yourself doing the thing you fear.

Essential Oils to Support you Emotionally in Releasing Doubt and Fear

Melaleuca (Tea Tree): This oil helps to increase your ability to trust.

Wild Orange: Encourages faith

Mirror Work

Standing in Wonder Woman power pose, like the superhero you truly are, recite these affirmations:

I release all fears
I release all doubt
I am confident in myself
I am beautiful
I am worthy and deserving of all that I desire
I am able to do all things
The Universe or God supports me
I am loved
I have faith in myself
I move past my fears with ease and grace
I love you! I love you! I love you!
I choose to live over existing.
I choose life. I choose Joy, I choose happiness
I choose to bet on myself
I refuse to live in fear or doubt.
I am supported
I am divinely guided
And so it is!!


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