November 16

Updating My Deck Collection List


One of the best things I could have done was to compile a list of all my decks. I can’t be certain if it’s a total count at this time, but I have about 311 decks. On hand, I have 141.

I can’t begin to explain how much I look forward to moving and having my entire collection in one place! I do miss my collection. Many of my OG decks are in storage and that breaks my heart just a little.

Lately I have been seeing more decks that catch my interest, but I’m being mindful about my spending and making sure I truly, truly need to add another deck to my collection.

I took time today to review my deck collection list and was amazed at how many I have access too, some that I haven’t even worked with yet! I use Infinity which is a database program similar to Asana or Airtable to store details about my decks.

Some of the information I gather includes:

  • Deck name and creator
  • Puchase amount
  • Theme of the deck
  • # of cards
  • Location
  • Cull status

I created a Cull column that allowed me to gauge the importance of the deck and whether it was a forever deck, if it’s one I’d sell, and so on. This was helpful because I have a lot of decks and if push comes to shove, I wanted to know which I’d be okay parting with.

Truthfully, each deck has a purpose, but it was still good practice for me to analyze my deck in that way. Once my collection is back together I can update other details on my spreadsheet so that it will be complete.

I’m sure some keep or sell choices I made will change. Looking at the snippet of the collection I shared, I have A LOT of angel decks. That’s not surprising considering I first learned using Angel Tarot cards, plus I have a beautiful relationship and reverence for the Angelic Realm.

Studying The Herbcrafter’s Tarot was good for me because that was a deck I haven’t really worked with. I do plan on continuing these deck studies and making use of my collection. There’s no point in having cards if I’m not using them.

The more intentional I am with my decks, the deeper the connection I have with them. Working with the Herbcrafter’s helped me develop a deeper bond and understanding of that deck. I have a deeper appreciation for it as well and would love to cultivate that connection with other decks I own.


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