September 1

Updates with Healing Single Mothers


My mission with single Moms, like myself, and other women who have experienced trauma has always been to help you live abundantly ever after.

Healing Single Mothers, is now part of The Abundantly Ever After Show, ran by myself, The Spiritual Love Healer.

The Healing Single Mothers membership community is shifting and transforming into the Abundantly Ever After Community.

A new membership that focuses on money, mindset, manifesting, and healing too! The content will be quite similar but will include other topics too.

It’s a space for all women who are ready to make changes in their money, mindset, and life.

Don’t worry as a single Mom myself, I get it and there will be content posted that caters to our unique situations too.

My hopes are to finish developing Healing Single Mothers into a nonprofit where I can be of support to single Moms and young parents in a more powerful way.

I realized that single Moms need more than healing and desired to have my business and brand aligned under the lens of Spiritual Love. That way it makes it easy for people to find me online and offline when I reopen doors to the Spiritual Love Sanctuary in the future.

My work is not changing it just makes more sense and simplistic to have them under my name since I am doing the work and creating the content and clients will be working with me.

Check out this video about vision, expansion, and activation. This is exactly what I am seeking to do with my business.

I’m Jovhannah Tisdale, The Spiritual Love Healer, creator of the Spiritual Love Sanctuary, and host of the Abundantly Ever After Show.

I am here to help you live Abundantly Ever After. Put in your request to join my new group and be one of the first to join when it’s ready!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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