November 8

My View of the Twin Flame Journey


My own view and interpretation of what Twin Flames are have changed, I would say within the last couple of years. From things that I’ve been learning through meditation and my own personal journey. I can say that it’s very different than what I have learned in the past. I haven’t done any recent research into this but wanted to share what I have been coming to understand. So this might be different from anything that you may have heard previously when it comes to twin flames.

Generally, when we talk about Twin Flames, there is this common belief that there’s someone who is a perfect match for you basically. I still believe that’s true. We all have someone out there that is perfect for us, but a lot of times what I’m seeing is people get in relationships and they think that they’re with their Twin Flame because there’s a lot of drama.

Within the Twin Flame dynamic, there is one person that’s generally the runner that resists the relationship. What I’m finding is that it’s more of a karmic relationship with someone who could potentially be a Twin Flame. And the reason why is that your first Twin Flame, from what I’m understanding, is yourself.

You are Your Twin Flame

You are your own Twin Flame. You have to heal and blend your selves with each other so that you are living in a state of healing and wholeness. We each have a masculine and feminine energy or nature to ourselves. So when you are able to heal yourself and come into balance with both your feminine and masculine side, then you have kind of evolved and now you are in a good place mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

What I’m seeing is, and why this is important is because a lot of times people will get into a relationship with someone that they think is their soul mate or Twin Flame, and there’s a lot of drama and generally that’s what people expect. Apparently, the Twin Flame relationship is marked by drama because that person is not whole within themselves. So when we think about Twin Flames and you’re seeking another person outside of yourself, that creates the idea of lack.

Running Not Required

You’re coming from a space where you feel that you need this person to complete you, that you’re not complete without this person, and that this other person can add something to you that you don’t already have. And that’s not necessarily true because we are whole within ourselves.

When you realize that you first need to be whole and complete within yourself and find that that twin flame energy within yourself, then when you go out to date or partner with someone that you think is our soulmate or our twin flame, you’re doing so from a more healthy place rather than feeling like you have to draw this person into us or that they’re running from you.

The idea that one person is a runner can make you feel that you need to change something in them or make them do something. But you’ll find that the relationships you enter will be different when you are whole within yourself. The things that you desire and your expectations are also going to be different as well.

Healing and Balancing Within

So when you have found and balanced, your energies inside of yourself, your yin and yang, your masculine and feminine energy, and then you meet another person and they have done the same. Now you’re both an energetic match. Now you can probably skip over a lot of the relationship drama, that more aligns with karmic connections and you can go into a healthier relationship because both of you have done the work and instead of seeking someone else to make you whole or make you feel complete, you have two complete people coming together. So you’ve healed your stuff, they’ve healed their stuff and now you can come together in a healthy relationship.

But what I’m finding is happening for a lot of women is that you do the work. You do all the healing, self-love, the Yoni steams, and all of that. You get yourself to a place where you are feeling good, healthy, and healed. But then you go out and you may get into a relationship with a man who is damaged or who has not done any healing work or it’s just not a healthy relationship. And that causes a cycle. So now you go back into a state where you’re imbalanced or you’re feeling wounded or that your heart is broken.

The key piece of the twin flame journey is starting with yourself, making sure that you are already whole and complete so that you’re not going out looking for someone else to complete you.

This can keep you from getting into a karmic relationship that you think is a soulmate or twin flame situation because you haven’t done the work to heal or they haven’t done the work to heal.

Magnetize and Manifest Love

Once you get yourself to a level of healing and inner peace and you are in a constant state of love, you can then start to magnetize and manifest someone who is equal, someone who is on your level, someone who can add something of value to your life rather than deplete your energy and get you caught up in a cycle of drama and negativity.

I think that’s a key piece that’s missing. A lot of people think it’s okay when they are in these drama-filled relationships because within the dynamics of a twin flame relationship as it is generally talked about, is like there’s one person who is open and ready for the relationship and then there’s the other person who is resisting or who is running from the relationship…which creates drama.

The idea is that we’re supposed to stop this person from running and get them to see ‘I’m your twin flame, be with me’. That can be damaging in itself. And a lot of the characteristics of that type of relationship sound more like a karmic relationship than anything else because we can’t force someone to be ready for something that they’re not ready for.

If they have not done the work to heal or aren’t really open to even being in a healthy relationship, to begin with, you’re starting off on the wrong foot and putting yourself in a situation that can deplete you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even financially.

Through meditation, my own journey, and working with clients, I’ve just started discovering that really we are our own energetic match and we are the twin flame. The twin flame within us is the one that needs to be healed and united. Once you have yourself all the way together, then it’s easier to attract someone who is actually an energetic match or that can, can love you and give you the things that you truly want, need, and deserve in a relationship.

Keep the Conversation Going

So I definitely will be talking about this a lot more as well as our Chakras because that’s really important to our, our physical and spiritual healing. And that plays a big role in our relationships as well. If you have questions let me know in the comments because then I can make videos around them and share that information with you also. You can also join me in the Spiritual Love Circle to keep the conversation going.


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