November 14

11.14.22 Card of the Day: The Lovers: Today You Choose

Using The Herbcrafter’s Tarot deck has been quite enlightening. The card I pulled today is The Lovers, which is the card for 2022. The herb associated with it is Hawthorn.

What I noticed first is how each protects the other. One crown is blooming, while the other is covered in berries. They are a reflection of each other, different and yet the same.

This card to me is about alignment, making choices that a right for me, being at harmony with myself, and also represent divine partnerships.

When these two are united or combined they’re powers are joined together creating a powerful union and a space where magic happens.

The guidebook shares, take only what’s yours, only what fills you with joy and when making a choice trust your heart.

Today is about honoring the alignment within myself that I’ve created and choosing from my heart in all that I do.

Yesterday the need to make a decision came up in my reading. This lets me know today is the day to choose what’s right for me.


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