December 11

There’s Power in Asking For What You Need, But Be Specific

Do you ask for what you need? And are you being specific enough?

These are some of the things I explore on episode 14 of the Abundantly Ever After Show. Tune in right here:

This episode is a good one. I have been learning a lot about asking for help and asking for what I want. I didn’t always have this ability, it’s something that I had to work on within myself. 

Learning how to ask is a skill that we all need to embrace and hone. I share how sometimes not being specific has led me to some challenges in this episode as well. In asking, be specific but don’t be so attached to the outcome in the process.

In my speaking up I’ve been able to open doors and land opportunities. A couple weeks ago, for Momspiration, I shared a reading about the power of your voice. Check that out right here:

I made some changes to simplify things for myself all my content is now located on my website and you can find me on IG as @thespirituallovehealer. I deactivated my other profiles to keep things clean and simple.


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