February 28

The Woman in the Mirror


This past week I realized that the Woman in My Mirror, is the Woman I am, and I totally love her.

It was one of those moments when you realized that you crossed the threshold of wisdom, maturity, growth, positivity, love and you are the qualities that you wish to exude to others.

Dare I say a Goddess, a Divine Lady?

I have been through some difficult situations that stunted me in many ways.

There was a time when I looked in the mirror and didn’t know who I was looking at, it was a painful and confusing time. I didn’t like what I saw because people hurt me.

I was hurting the worst kind of hurt. The one where you let that person take your very essence from you, leaving you an empty shell. That was me, for several years.

My pregnancy, working towards my dreams, and loving unconditionally, these things helped me to see that the Woman in the Mirror, is no longer broken.

In fact, I was never broken, I just couldn’t see myself. I am so happy, I am blessed, and I am the Woman I want to be in spite of people, so-called friends & family along with enemies trying to kill my spirit.

I can look at myself and accept and appreciate the good and the bad that comes with life. I never thought I would open myself to love. It’s such a vulnerable state, and in the wrong hands can cause such devastation.

But it’s right when my heart, mind, and soul whisper it to me. That is magic.

That is Spiritual Love and that is what I am ready and waiting for. The way things are going I am filled with confidence, radiating beauty, exuding love, dancing in the sunshine, sliding down rainbows!

The Woman in the Mirror is quite Divine. She is a Goddess!


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