November 12

The Sefirot Tarot Has Arrived!


This was a long awaited deck that I backed on Kickstarter last year. I almost forgot about it, but it’s here!!!

I’ll be honest, this was one I wished I had cancelled, but upon receving the deck I was so thrilled I didn’t. These cards are stunning! I love the monochromatic blue theme and the symbolism in the cards.

This is a pip style deck, so the Minor Arcana cards don’t feature a scene, but the energy still radiates from the cards. I hopped on YouTube Live to share the unboxing of the deck, check it out:

Overall this deck is well made, the cards flow so well together. I love the gold foil accents and the details.

I love that there are 3 Lovers cards and the addition of The Tree and The Abyss to the deck, making it an 82 card deck. I plan on setting an intention for each of the lovers cards and reading with all of them in the deck.

The Pentacles in this deck is my favorite suit and I found the Empress, Hermit, and Death cards to be very powerful. I’m looking forward to working with this deck.


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