October 21

The Evolution of Spiritual Love


I first encountered the concept of Spiritual Love it was during meditation. During meditation, I reflected on love and the relationships I experienced. Reflecting, journaling, and meditating were a big part of my healing process.

Surviving an abusive relationship changed me in so many ways. The hardest thing for me to understand is how this happened when he said: “he loved me”.

The Misuse of Love

How could this be love? If this is love, then I don’t want it.

Love has definitely gotten watered down, misused, and misunderstood.

Phrases like ‘Love Hurts’ and ‘Falling in Love’ give the impression that love hurts, that it’s a struggle, and it’s hard to come by and that can’t be further from the truth.

The thing is that a lot of hurt people use love to manipulate, control, use, and hurt others. Love has been used in the name of deception, betrayal, and mistreatment to the point that so many have lost belief in it.

Love is Real, Love is Energy

Love is real and it does exist. You just need to connect and align with it, that is what Spiritual Love and Spiritual Love Healing is all about.

Experiencing pain or trauma, like abuse – especially at the hands of someone who is supposed to love you, it causes you to shut down, closing yourself off to love (even self love), your worth, healing, forgiveness, abundance, and growth.

Connecting with the Energy of Love

My first understanding of Spiritual Love was in the deeper connection with self, the Divine, and others.

It’s a healing, nurturing energy that is the pure essence of love as it was meant to truly be experienced.

Over the years I have come across the term in books and even a few of my card decks. I know that I didn’t “create” Spiritual Love, but channeled it and am here to bring forward its healing energy.

I realized bringing this energy forward is about more than restoring divine connections, love, and compassion it’s also about healing the trauma that is preventing people from access this abundant source of energy.

Healing Your Trauma is Possible

As a woman who’s experienced trauma on multiple levels, I know how it makes us shutdown, act out, hide, and live in fear. I also know that you can heal, grow, thrive, and live a life filled with love and abundance. Trauma is not your beginning or ending. It hurts, but there is healing on the other side and I am here to guide you through it.


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