February 25

The Evolution of Me


Oh, what a night!! Do you ever have nights where you are just full of energy, and you can’t sleep?

I had a night like that. I was drained from the workday and needed sleep, but after speaking with one of my blogging besties I was energized.

While a lot of it pertained to my blog, it also related to my life.

I took the time to reflect on my personal goals. This was something that I really needed to do.

This reflective process showed me just how much I have evolved along with my blog. Everything is different.

My priorities, the way I think, how I handle things; even the food I’m eating. My life and blog are both heading in amazing directions.

It’s funny because an old friend contacted me and it was so plain to see we were on two completely different wavelengths.

I am just not with the BS anymore, I haven’t been for a while but now there is not the slightest place for it in my life.

If it’s not about my family or business, I’m not interested.

Find Your Root

What is it that you truly value? Who are the people that matter to you and give you value? What do you want from life? Do you know the type of legacy or impact you want to have?

These are some questions to consider when determining who to let in your life, as well as how to spend your time and money.

They are really deep questions that force you to look at every area of life. You gotta dig deep and find what roots you in life. For me, it’s my family. That is a huge motivational force for me.

Life Planes

I evaluate my life in planes. Physical, Spiritual, Mental/Emotional, and Financial

. I think these categories encompass every aspect of life, in some cases things may overlap or affect each other. Imbalance in one area can cause imbalances in other areas.

Overall when I look at where I am now, I am really pleased. There have been challenges, but I am still standing and working everyday on my goals.

You Can’t Ever Spend Too Much Time Loving You

I also realized that I need to spend more time nurturing me, especially on a physical level. Can you relate? I also have been working so hard on my blog that other things haven’t been getting as much attention, like sleeping (hence the 2 hour nap I took).

I love myself without a doubt, but I haven’t been showing that to myself or even those around me. I spend a lot of time on my computer or phone, and not enough enjoying myself (although everything I do on my laptop is enjoyable) or really connecting with others. I think more screen off time is needed, even though I enjoy it.

Gotta Have Balance

It sounds horrible!

I know why I am working so hard on building a business, but at the same time the time I am working to free up is being lost, I need to find some balance.

My business is so close to me because it is a personal brand.

You’ve heard me say before Your Life is Your Business, So Manage It, well I really am my own business. Everything that I do on and off the blog is a reflection of me and right now I am not liking what I see 100%.

This past year I really learned the value of time and now is the perfect time to shift my priorities to make sure I am giving time to the people and activities that truly matter.

The Evolution Process

I also want to spend more time at the gym, focusing on my health and wellness. Savvi will be a year old soon! I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant, but have lost a good amount of it. I want to focus on living a fit life and being active with my family.

Being pregnant was an amazing experience and I loved every moment of it, minus the effects it had on my skin. I have been trying different products and perfecting my skincare regimen to get my skin back to normal.

It’s time to focus on me and doing the things that will get me where I want to be in life. Positive Forward Movement can be applied to anything, even your beauty routine. I want to look and feel fabulous every day.

Part of loving yourself is taking extra special care of you, it seems I was starting to forget that! It’s time for me to strategize my own life and set up time management practices to ensure I am meeting all my daily goals too.

Thinking Ahead…

There are other aspects of my blog that I would like to grow such as a podcast and launching a private community. I also am thinking of changing the weekly newsletter to a magazine. I have all these ideas!!

It costs a bit to run my blog and I would like to get back in the position where it’s sustaining on its own. That would help me free up resources to design programs to work with single moms and help them make changes in their lives.

There are so many things that I want to do. In order to accomplish them I need to be focused, balanced, and organized. I took the time to revamp my personal schedule, trim down on unnecessary screen time, and have been making more time to be active and present with my family.

How will I do this? By setting goals and using my favorite tools to help myself stay organized and be productive.

So far the little changes have made a huge impact already!


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