December 26

Tarot Reading for Capricorn Season


Entering into this season has been refreshing for me. This year I stopped watching and tuning into messages about the moon phases and such from other sources.

I’m choosing to feel into what these seasons and cycles mean for me. Normally Earth energies drain me and I have been feeling a bit sluggish and needing more water too.

This is a great time to dream up what’s next for me and what I want to accomplish in my life, but more specifically my business.

Climbing up the Mountain Tarot Spread

This spread was created by Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul
  1. My card for Capricorn season
  2. What am I leaving behind in 2022?
  3. What am I preparing to leap into in 2023?
  4. What fears am I ready to be liberated from?
  5. What mountains am I ready to climb in my life?

I added an additional question, asking What is the theme for me this Capricorn season to pull an oracle card.

What is the theme for me this Capricorn season?

Mawu-Lisa Cosmic Power

Feeling into the energy of Capricorn is about Cosmic Power. On my walk this morning, I said to myself I am COSMIC. I thought about the grandeur of my existence on this earth and how powerful and amazing it all is. It helped me put things into perspective and reframe my fears.

Cosmic Power is about owning your power and being in complete alignment and harmony within myself.

When I’m able to honor the fullness of who I am, that is when all the miracles and magic are unlocked.

Capricorn season is all about being the Cosmic Goddess I AM.

My card for Capricorn season: The Emperor

How amazing to see this card show up! The Emperor embodies BOSS energy. I think of this card as the healthy expression of Divine Masculine energy.

He is the leader and gets shit done. Commanding respect and radiating authority from a healthy place.

I feel like this year I embraced the energy of the Empress. I went within and did all the healing and self care to tend to my needs. I mothered myself deeply this year and now it’s time to father myself, going into 2023.

Now I’m ready and able to show up in fullness doing what is needed to execute my vision. Together the Empress and Emperor correlate with Mawu-Lisa, so it’s pulling in that cosmic goodness.

What really comes up for me is creating a bit more structure. The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur. I’ve been on the go and felt a bit ungrounded. Having a routine and some structure in my life will help me move forward during this season.

What am I leaving behind in 2022?

Four of Wands

Looking at the palm trees, flexibility comes to mind. The fours represent structure and one of the things I desire is solid foundations. I’m no longer being so flexible that I wind up losing my balance or direction.

I’m only allowing my desires to guide me and to celebrate the things that matter to me. Yes, there will always be an element of flow, however I’m no longer bending over backwards for anyone or anything.

What am I preparing to leap into in 2023?

Page of Wands + Queen of Cups

I can definitely feel love surrounding me, and am ready to welcome it in. The Page of Wands shows a new flame being ignited and being able to open my heart.

This will be some work. I’m feeling it all ready, but taking my time and thinking things through.

This Page is eager and inspired, learning new ways to create and express myself. Something else that comes up is leaning back into painting and creating again. I used to have an art studio. I created scrapbooks and always had a camera in my hand.

The past couple years I’ve been getting my creative feels through my Goddess Book. I use color pencils and oil pastels and just see what comes up. Decorating the pages makes me happy.

In addition to opening up to love, I also want to devote myself to being creative through art.

What fears am I ready to be liberated from?


This! I’m not even sure how to share the power in this card. I am ready to be free from judgment as a whole. This past year (and throughout my life) I’ve dealt with so much bullshit from people.

Their comments, negative energy, and I am over it. There’s also the need to release my own inner critic and self doubt. Whatever has been keeping me from reaching my dreams and showing up has got to go!

No one can judge me. Being liberated from Judgment, leads to completion and fulfillment in The World card. I am releasing fear and judgment!

What mountains am I ready to climb in my life?

The Sun

When I think of the Sun as a mountain, the image I get is the Sun rising over a mountain range, casting light all around. I feel like I’ve climbed all the mountains, now is just about letting my light shine. I’ve overcome so much and know that I can do anything.

It’s time to shine!


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