June 3

Tarot of Life Tarot Deck Review


Check Out the Tarot of Life Deck 😍There’s so much to love about the Tarot of Life created by @harvestandmoon.

Here’s a peek at the cards:

This deck is filled with diversity which is always great to see. The Tarot of Life is currently being funded on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/harvestandmoon/the-tarot-of-life Go support!

The Tarot of Life deck has some really interesting and powerful depictions of the cards. It has a modern, minimalist feel but lacks nothing. I cannot wait to get the finished deck in my hands. 🙏🏽Deep gratitude to Mariah for sending an advance copy. #thespirituallovehealer #tarotoflife #spirituallovetarot #tarotreader


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