October 2

Success in Transformation


October 2022 Intuitive Business Forecast Reading

One of the tools that I’ve implemented along my business/blogging journey has been using a business journal. As part of that, I would do a monthly reading using a spread from the Sacred Creators Oracle, created by Chris-Anne. It’s a great deck!

Because I stepped away from my business and put everything on pause, I had gotten away from using my journal and this reading. But, I’ve resumed using these tools and will share my journey on my site as a way to document things.

My business is still “closed” at the moment, but I have started coming back online and working on the structure of my business behind the scenes. The cards I pulled for this reading very much resonate with where I am and what my intentions are.

So, let’s get into it:

My intention with this spread is to receive guidance and direction towards the areas I need to focus on in order to grow my business…

Card 1 – What do I need to focus on this month in order to grow my business? Success in Transformation

I’ve shared that my business is shifting as I focus more on healing and integrating massage and bodywork into what I do. This means that the Spiritual Love Sanctuary will be less online and more of a local establishment, which I LOVE! This was always my intention.

I see this as a sign to continue along this path and that things will fall into place. I knew that I wanted to have a creative outlet, my show as something separate from my work and that is coming together beautifully.

As part of my coursework, I do have to create a business plan which will detail exactly what the Spiritual Love Sanctuary is evolving into.

There has been a bit of shift with the show in my spirit, wondering if I should use thespirituallovehealer.com for the domain, but I decided against it. Things are where I want them to be, and I don’t desire to add any additional work to my plate.

This month the focus is on creating the business I’ve envisioned for the Spiritual Love Sanctuary, and sharing that process with my community.

Card 2 – What can I focus on each week to help make progress in my work? Creator Earth

The element earth is slow moving, it’s tangible and represents finances as well. There is a sense of being rooted and grounded as well. I feel this is taking an action that is tangible, like posting on social media.

Doing something that keeps me connected to my vision and starts to bring it forward into reality. What can I do to further anchor into this pathway that I’m taking with the Show and Sanctuary?

I think the main thing is for me to start sharing my work, my story, and mission again. Reconnecting with people and building community.

Card 3 – What is the focus for this month to ensure my business keeps evolving? Bravely Market Your Magic

Well, I just touched on this with card 2, sharing myself and what I do. Connecting with others and building community, attracting clients is the best way to help my business grow.

Card 4 – What will help me grow my business beyond this month? Rise

This card always reminds me of the energy of the Phoenix. It’s time to be seen and go to the next level.

Card 5 – What is going to support me in this journey over the next month? Befriend the Word Polarize

The way my business is shifting to support women is truly beautiful. It was born out of all that I experienced in life. The trauma that I faced as a woman and mother also became embedded in my work. It will not resonate with everyone and that’s okay. Sharing my values, my beliefs and my experiences will carve out a space for certain people. That is what I am here to do. I am here to support women like me.


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