July 1

Studying the Elements in Tarot


The Elements are prevalent energy in the Tarot. Right now I am diving into the structure of the cards, and that includes the elements.

I have a few decks that include Spirit as an element. The Alchemystical Tarot is one of those decks and I really love the way it weaves spirit in. Also, the Telluric Tarot has a bit of a different structure but associates Spirit with the Majors and uses elements as the suits. My beloved Angel Card decks use the elements as suits also. I learned to read Tarot through Angel cards so the association with elements is familiar to me.

Traditionally, I believe that Spirit is represented by the Majors, but that it is also weaved into every other element. As everything is energy.

The elements are associated with Tarot like this:

Wands – Fire

Cups – Water

Swords – Air

Pentacles – Earth

Majors – Spirit

I have seen a few different thoughts that associated Fire with Swords, but Wands being Fire resonates for me and that’s what I will stick with.

Here are some ways that I am studying the elements:

  • Meditation – reflecting on each element and thinking about their extremes and how they show up
  • Study – I have a few books that I’m reading about magic, elements, and Tarot (i’ll share more about the books in a separate post)
  • Science – revisiting basic information about the elements and how they form and behave

In my study, I’m looking at all levels, energetic and physical. The magical and the mundane, because it all matters.

Also within my own body, I’m aware of how the elements are integrated. Like with breath, air is essential for life. Breathing to me is both Spirit and Air. I also have a soul, again Spirit. I need water. The body is composed of lots of water, another vital element. The physical body itself is a representation of Earth or the material world and my body creates heat, aka Fire.


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