December 14

Stop Hiding and Sitting on Your Gifts


Stop Holding Back! Start living Abundantly Ever After!

💫So many good things are happening. Things don’t change unless you do. The life or love you won’t isn’t just going to appear. You have to act in alignment with your desires. 

I created a course about self love in 2016 that I’ve been sitting on! I can’t help anyone if I’m not sharing my gifts with them. 


RenewYou Discover Self Love was created 5 years ago, and I never did anything with it. 😱

I didn’t share it or really announce that it was available to purchase. Nothing. I remember coming up with the idea and working on it at my former job. I was so excited and put everything into this program. Then I hid it (along with a few other creations and ideas).

It’s been sitting near completion, until today. This course is all about self love there are 6 modules, workbooks, and resources to help you embrace holistic self love.

🥰I will be rolling out RenewYou Discover Self Love in a few months because someone needs it. I’m not sitting on my wisdom or gifts anymore. ❤️‍🔥You gonna get all that The Spiritual Love Healer and the Spiritual Love Sanctuary has to offer!!

The time to manifest the love and life you desire is now!! I’m doing exactly that by launching this course, creating a sacred community space, and planning Spiritual Love Week 2022.


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