September 6

Staying F.I.T. Series Introduction


Did the year just sneak past you like a thief in the night?

Just yesterday, it seemed like the year started. I was focused, and everything was going perfectly! Right…well not quite, but things were going well.

I blinked and it was the summer, and now the season is about to change. That always signals the winding down of the year, which means a new year is just around the corner!

Where did the time go?

There were some areas in my life I really wanted to focus on and so the Stay F.I.T. series was born to help me get it together.

Why the Staying F.I.T. Series?

This year is coming to a close and I really want to get in gear and lay a strong foundation to roll into the new year with style and grace.

I want to focus on staying fit or healthy in all aspects. By that I mean Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Financially.

Each week I will present you with tips and information to have a F.I.T. Life.

F – Focused
I – Inspired
T – Transformative

My goal is to always be moving forward in life, and I want you to move forward too. #PositiveForwardMovement

I came across something I wrote last year:

“Looking in the rear view, with a smile zooming past it all. Head in the clouds, never looking down. I like it up here”

That is me speeding away from the past, smiling because I have absorbed so much knowledge from the lessons life taught me. I’m using those lessons to position myself higher and continue to distance myself from the past.

It’s growth and I am so proud of it! That growth is what allows me to make and stick to my goals.

I set some goals this month so that I could have a #FITLife. I set goals in each area of my life, and I’ll share those with you throughout this series. I actually started working on them last week and so far am really proud of myself.

I am dedicated to transforming my life and living Abundantly Ever After!


Goals, Planning, Positive Forward Movement, Review, Success, Transformation

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