November 7

Why You Want Spiritual Love


The love you know is commonly referred to as ‘real love’. It’s the love that you want to last until the end of time.

However, that same love can hurt. It’s painful and may even lead to heartbreak. At least that’s what you think.

It may feel like love, but until you have a Spiritual Love, you haven’t experienced the full expression of what love truly is.

Love Lessons

Spiritual Love happens when two people have mastered their love lessons. This love is free lies, deceit, cheating, or drama. No one has time for that. It’s not a game, it’s a union filled with respect, loyalty, and honesty. Doesn’t that sound good?

If you think it’s not possible, trust me it is, even for you. I didn’t want to call the work that I do love coaching because a lot of women associate love with words like pain and struggle. Love has been demoted from the spiritual energy that it is, to lust sprinkled with trust. You deserve better.

Love Is Not A Game

Speaking of Spiritual Love brings in a deeper meaning of what love truly is. Love is an energy. It’s not just something that you feel or say. Spiritual Love takes all of this into account in order to change the game of love.

Love isn’t a game. Are you tired of being hurt and winding up in toxic or drama filled relationships? Now is the time to start prepare for a Spiritual Love and change the way you go about connecting with others.

Life is all about relationships. First and foremost, you have a relationship with yourself. Then you have family, friends, lovers, co-workers, money, your job, and many others. We are constantly building or destroying relationships. Even if we only interact with someone for a brief moment.

Discover the Types of Relationships You Attract

The world needs love and healing more than ever.

There are four types of relationships and a spiritual connection is the highest form of relationship. Many people never get to experience this because they stay stuck in unfulfilling relationships.

I want you to experience deep, meaningful relationships. That’s what Spiritual Love is all about. It’s bringing the highest expression of love back where it belongs, in all of us.

Spiritual Love is the Real Love you desire.


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  1. Great post with some very valid points. I completely agree with your definition of love and how it has been twisted by society based on bad experiences “lust sprinkled with trust”
    Really enjoyed this!

    1. Thanks for sharing this with me. It’s time we get back to the true essence of love.

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