December 22

Solstice Blessings for Winter 2022

This Solstice I spent in ceremony and it was so beautiful. Reflecting on the past two weeks of my life… things moved so fast.

I traveled to the beach with my girls, made a new friend, explored job and business opportunities, attended a Devoted Holiday Party, and reflected on the beauty and wisdom in the heartbreak I felt this year.

I found myself speaking up in ways that I would have once been quiet. Saying NO and opening up to new experiences.

There were parts of me that were reactivated. Parts I thought would forever lay dormant, but we’re awakened.

My annual rituals are underway, but at a different pace. I’m allowing wisdom to unfold instead of forcing things.

Giving honor to what was and wasn’t! Grateful for what had died in 2022 and for all that is preparing quietly to blossom in my life.

2022 owes me nothing.

This preview of 2023 that I’ve been experiencing this December made it all worth it. I can feel the success, love, the elevation and cosmically aligned energies, and it feels so damn good and nourishing to me.

This Solstice has been a time of celebration, healing, and truly releasing what needed to go from my life so that I may live Abundantly Ever After.

I completed a Solstice Reading from a spread created by Lindsay Mack of Soul Tarot School and Tarot for the Wild Soul.

Solstice Blessings Tarot Spread

Spread Created by Lindsay Mack

  1. My Card for the Solstice
  2. What am I welcoming in this new cycle?
  3. What am I shedding and releasing?
  4. A supportive Anchor Card that I can call upon for the upcoming cycle ahead?
Tazama African Tarot

1. My Card for the Solstice:

The Star

On dark nights I love looking up at the night sky. Watching the stars, feeling into the magic and messages. A few nights ago a shooting star appeared above me in the sky. Seeing The Star as my card for this period is beautiful.

In the Tarot, this card represents hope, renewal, and faith. I also see this card as meaning my personal North Star, known as the North Node in astrology. With winter upon us, I am being called to go inward and to nurture that which I love.

I’ve been feeling heavy Cancerian energy spilling forth. I’ve been so tender lately which feels soo so good! I prayed for clarity around my business, how to move forward, and what to focus on. That guidance was received in a potent energy coaching session, and I know what direction to go in.

It was freeing to know that I can let go and be open to creating new pathways of healing by combining all of my sacred gifts into one transformational offering.

I’m giving myself permission to NOT be online and that no longer feels like I’m betraying the business I’ve been working on. It’s simply evolving!

2022 was a harsh year, but helped me to come back to a place of centering myself in a deep way. I feel called to continue that and feeding that which brings me continued hope and guidance.

2. What am I welcoming in this new cycle?


Not only did I find Strength, but also a sense of safety. So much is changing and it will require me to face my fears, tapping into my inner strength to step outside my comfort zone. I’m making wiser decisions about life, and choosing to speak up and advocate for myself.

3. What am I shedding and releasing?

VI of Pentacles

I’m releasing anything that isn’t balanced or reciprocal. Over giving is OUT! It’s time for me to receive and have the strength to make my needs known, asking for what I desire.

I know that all my needs are provided for and that the Great Mother is my source for abundance. I am worthy of it all, and lack nothing!

4. Supportive Anchor Card to call on in the upcoming cycle:

Queen of Swords

This Queen is one of my cards. I am back on my throne! 2022 didn’t break me. I know what I want and can communicate that. She is direct, cuts through the BS, speaks from the heart, and values truth. Creative and clever, calling in the energy of the Queen of Swords, will help me in releasing imbalances, tapping into my inner strength, and following my North Star.


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