February 25

SLP001: Start Seeing Love Differently


Welcome to the first episode of the Spiritual Love Podcast! This podcast is hosted by Jovhannah Tisdale, The Spiritual Love Healer founder of the Spiritual Love Sanctuary.

The Spiritual Love Podcast was created to help you tune into the frequency of love!

There is a lot of negativity and fear around love. Often we hear things like love is pain and love hurts and things like that. Here on the Spiritual Love Podcast, I want to help you see love differently.

This is a space to explore love, relationships, dating and matters of the heart in a real way and in a spiritual way. Love is energy, and spiritual. Love has been tainted. Many people have been in toxic, unhealthy relationships and it’s time to rehabilitate love, restoring it to God’s true intention.

Have you experienced conditional love?

Where you’re only loved if you act a certain way or meet someone else’s standards? Love truly is unconditional, but nowadays it comes with limits, rules, requirements aka tons of conditions that keep you from believing that love even exists anymore.

Stay tuned so we can talk about all the things as well as focus on inner peace, wholeness, and love.


I am super excited to bring you the first of many episodes from the Spiritual Love Podcast. Tune into the Frequency of Love and learn why it’s time to start changing how you view love. You’ll also learn a little about me and what you can expect from the podcast.

Hello and welcome to the very first episode of the spiritual love podcast. I am your host Jovhannah, the Spiritual Love Healer and founder of the Spiritual Love Sanctuary. I created this podcast as a space for us to explore love, relationships, dating matters of the heart, and even life in a real way and in a spiritual way to really bring about healing and growth so that we can all experience the true essence of love. You’ll often hear me refer to love as spiritual love, and that’s because what we commonly think of as love has become tainted. A lot of us have been in toxic and unhealthy relationships. We’ve had maybe traumatic upbringing. So when we think about family, when we think about relationships, it’s not always a pretty picture. And I really want to kind of rehab love in a way that we’re thinking about it as the divine, as God truly intended it to be, which is, it’s a beautiful energy that is pure and it is loving and it recognizes the divine within all of us and the inclusiveness of love.

So many of us have experienced love that is conditional like that. You know, if you don’t do this or if you do that or you need to be like this and then I’ll love you. And that’s not love. Love is unconditional. And so I really want to create some conversations around this as well as talk about ways to overcome some of the hurts and the challenges that we have experienced in relationships in life. So it’s going to be a mix here on the spiritual love podcasts. We’re going to have spiritual conversations about love life and everything in between. But I want it to be a place where we can get real so that we can focus on inner peace, healing, wellness, and so much more. So again, let’s dive a little bit deeper into what spiritual love is. So as I talked about before, there is a definite reason why I put spiritual in front of the word love and even in the title that I call myself, and we’ll talk about that later.

But that’s really because like I did not want it to be confused and I really wanted to make a statement and a change in how we perceive, love, how we relate to ourselves and each other. A lot of times when we talk about relationships and we talk about love, we think of it as being this external thing that’s between us and someone else. And we forget that there’s ourselves. We forget that there’s our family members, our friends, the people we, you know, are connected to through our profession, our work. And you know, love has also gotten a really bad rep when we think about it. We hear, you know, pain is love. Love hurts, love is blind and all of these things. So there’s a lot of fear and negative energy around the word love and that is a big problem. So I didn’t want to just say love.

Because also, you know, I have been in an abusive relationship and you know, once I got out of that and I started thinking and reflecting like what do I want in a relationship going forward, what, you know, what do I want to call into my life? Being in an abusive relationship with someone who said they love me, I want it to be very clear. Like, if that was love, then that’s not the type of love I want. I was like, you know, I want a divine love. I want something that’s deep and meaningful and comes from a place of peace and protection. Not negative, you know, not filled with negativity or drama or deceit because that has kind of become the norm in a way. So, because there’s this big stain on love and how we relate to ourselves as well as each other.

That’s why I said I want a spiritual love. I don’t want what I’ve experienced in the past as love. And so when we take love to this wider scope of, you know, being spiritual being much more than what we see, like on the surface level, it opens the door for so much more. And I really want people to understand that love does not hurt. It’s beautiful, it’s deep and meaningful and that it energy and it does not always come from someone else. We think that love is something that we have to give or that someone has to give to us. And that’s not the case. So we’re definitely going to talk more about that and I get it because it does feel good when we have a connection with another person. But ultimately love is already planted within you when you were created. So, you know, I just wanted to highlight what love is and really restore it back to its sacred nature so that it can, we can start to see it from a place of healing and understanding versus the negativity.

So spiritual love is really all about reclaiming the true intended purpose for love and really recognizing that you know, the divine or God is with is within yourself as well as being within others. And it’s also about, you know, recognizing that we are essentially spiritual beings all created in the image of God right here in the flesh. So when we start to treat ourselves differently with this awareness that I am loved, this awareness that you know, I am divinity, we start to treat others differently and in return we get treated differently. So spiritual love is also about going deeper with love and realizing that it’s not just surface level within a relationship. It’s also really getting to the matter of the heart, getting to truly know and understand someone. And it also recognizes that love is limitless. It’s inclusive and unconditional. And I talked about this a bit earlier.

Jovhannah: We say that we love people, but we have so many conditions. I love you. But that’s, that’s a condition that’s a limit. So anything after I love you but is conditional, that is not love. And being that it’s inclusive, it includes every being on this earth, everything. Everyone is a worthy and deserving of loving. So I really want it to encompass that. It’s not, you know, I’ll only love you if you can do this or I love you, but you need to change. It truly recognizes and accepts the divine in each of us. And that’s what’s really beautiful. So to me, love is spiritual. Love is energy. It is divine, it’s sacred, it’s soulful, it’s all encompassing. And you know, I see a lot of times where it’s like, love has become fleeting. It’s like, Oh, I love you today and tomorrow. I don’t love you.

And it’s just like, it’s like temporary painful back and forth, embarrassing situation. And that’s not what truly love is. So the work that I do here, this podcast and how I’m here to serve is to really restore love to its intended purpose. And so as we segue into me, I’m going to share a little bit about who I am, what the spiritual of healer is. So about me. Again, I’m Jovhannah Tisdale, currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m also known as the spiritual love healer, just a down to earth, down to earth woman who has experienced a lot of pain and trauma. And I transformed that into what I do now and who I’ve become. I was able to transmute that pain and rebuild my life and find purpose in all that I have had experienced. I’ve been in an abusive relationship.

I, you know, dealt with depression and anxiety. And so that journey, my own personal journeys of dealing with all of that including sexual trauma, having issues with, you know, confidence and self esteem, it started me on a journey to really heal myself and transform my life and relationships. And that led me to a lot of the tools that I use in my personal life, in business for healing. And I was able to rebuild my life inside out from the ground up and really releasing all of that pain and rebirthing myself essentially into a happy, healthy, whole loving woman that I am today. And you know, I’ve, I’ve been through a lot and so, you know, I’ll share a lot of those experiences here with you because you know, a lot of times people feel like when you’re in this position or you know, you’re a healer or a coach or you know, something of that you know that you’re perfect and that you, you know, your life is on this whole other level.

And really like, I still experience struggles. I just navigate them differently and I don’t ever want to come across as though like I’m speaking down from the top of a mountain because I am in it with you living and experiencing life. Just because I have been on a spiritual journey and live my life differently does not mean that I am exempt from challenges. And so I want you to know that I am there with you. I am, you know, sharing what I know as I continue to grow and develop because I truly want to help others. So if I can reach back and save you from experiencing the things that I’ve experienced or help guide you through it, then that is what I’ll do. Because a lot of times what happens is I see women who are much older than myself and I mean these are women who are in their sixties and seventies who are still living a life from a place of hurt, not knowing how to love themselves and holding onto a lot of pain and trauma because we didn’t necessarily have these tools available in their generation or they weren’t widely known and accepted or it was considered witchcraft.

And you were crazy if you were doing these things. And you know, over the past 14 plus years, I immersed myself in studying spirituality, religion personal growth, aroma therapy, meditation, divination, coaching, wellness, finance, and a variety of healing methods. And I’ve gained so many skills and have overcome challenges that are really key to who I am and my way of giving back is really sharing with you and helping others to process trauma and really just helping people to heal their heart and truly love their life. And another thing that I wanted to mention, like it’s not, when I talk about spiritual love, it’s not just about finding love. I know that’s the goal for a lot of people and I totally understand it, but it’s also, you know, about being love and really guiding you to heal. You know, your heart and your minds that you can experience inner peace and wholeness and love within yourself because that then radiates out into your relationships.

So once we get into a place where we know who we are, we’ve healed and release the pain. You turn into a magnet for love and blessings. But as long as we’re in a wounded space and we feel like we don’t deserve, we stay in a space where we’re kind of not necessarily blocking our blessings, but we’re not open to receiving them. And so my passion and purpose is really to help women. And even as I am creating this, it’s also extending out into working with men and children to really help them heal their hearts and their minds so that they can live, you know, a life of love. So I am a certified, a Reiki master and a variety of forms of Reiki, including crystal Reiki, Money Reiki, and Aset Ka, which is a form of Kemetic Reiki. I’m a master life coach, a crystal therapist, mindfulness practitioner, angelic healing practitioner, aroma therapist, a certified angel card readers, psychic tarot coach, EFT practitioner.

And then some. I love learning. I am a lifelong learner and I’m always studying and expanding my knowledge because that just, not only do I love it, but it allows me to really serve the people that I work with. And so when I talk about the spiritual love healer, it’s not just a title, you know, a fancy, cute title that I made up. For me, it’s an affirmation. It’s a declaration, it’s a statement. It is a mission and it gives me purpose. And it helps guide me in what I do on a daily basis. So my goal for you today with this information is for us to connect. And also I really want you to start looking at love in a different light. So I want you to think about your relationships overall your family, your friendships, how you feel about yourself, your romantic relationships, and really think about the love in those situations. Like are they loving, have you been loving

And you know, have they been balanced where the flow, the exchange of love has, has been balanced, you were able to give and receive or do you find that they’ve been imbalanced or your relationships straining? And if I also want you to reflect on yourself and what you think about love, do you feel that love is already within you? Do you feel that it’s something that someone else has to give you? Was it something that you didn’t receive as a child? Like really start to think about the love in your life and pay attention to your patterns and your mindset. When you think about loving relationship often, you know, we, I’m sure you’ve heard like our relationships are a reflection of us. Everyone is a mirror and it can be a hard pill to swallow. And in fact, being in an abusive relationship, one of the biggest things that I had to admit and forgive myself for was taking part in the situation.

And I know that it can be a challenge for other people to hear that, but this is my truth. And because I was in that relationship because of things that maybe I did or did not do on some level, I allowed myself to be abused. I was not loving myself enough to know that I didn’t deserve this. Like I could’ve walked away at the first sign of of aggression, of issue within the relationship. But I chose to stay. And so one of the biggest pills that I had to swallow is that that was a mirror to me. And that’s what I felt that I deserved at that time. And that was truly, truly painful. But it was when I realized that that’s when I started to take my power back. That’s when I started to say, Oh no, like I deserve better. I did not deserve that. And now that I know better, I can navigate life differently. I know the areas where I was the weak mentally and emotionally and now I can start to, to work on those things and really really start to overcome those challenges so that I don’t put myself back into a situation with someone who will be unkind and unloving through me. And so it’s very important for me to hold space for others to heal and really help guide them. And creating the spiritual love podcast is just another way that I am able to do that.

So I want to talk about some of the different things that you’re going to see on the show. So I’m going to be on here just having conversations like we’re doing today. I’m also going to have guests come on the show. We’re going to have segments where you can call in and ask questions. I’ll be doing some divination card readings and things like that on the show. And I’m just super excited and blessed because S instead of this being just a traditional podcast, it’s going to be just like this creative mash of experiences brought to you through audio format. So I’m really excited and once I have everything set up for you to call in and ask your questions and we can talk live and it’s just going to be amazing and I’m super excited and cannot wait to really get the ball rolling and start sharing with you

From my heart because this is what I truly love. And so funny because I remember being a little girl and watching the Ricki Lake show and of course Oprah. And I was like, I want my own talk show. I’m going to have my own talk show. And this is just one format of that. But I definitely see it on a grand scale where yes, I will have a talk show. So hold that space for me to manifest my greatness and I will be holding space for you to manifest your greatness. So

Because I love working with mine. My Oracle decks and tarot decks, I pulled two cards. Well actually I pulled one card for the podcast. I wanted to see what the energy of the podcast was. And the card that came up was Wolframite. These are crystal cards that I pulled and it represents confidence, goals, amplification, wishes and boldness, which absolutely resonates with what I want to do with this podcast. I peeked at the another card and the card that showed up was Rose Quartz. And this is all crystal about love. Like Rose quartz is known as like the love crystal. And it also helps to encourage appreciation and connection. And so some other words attached to that are innocent staging, intuition and knowing. And this to me is a sign that this is needed, that I am on the right path.

And that definitely my intentions will be manifested through this podcast. So as you’re listening to this, not only will that energy radiate out to you, it’s going to help you to rise above whatever you’re experiencing in your life with confidence and help you to expand into and to amplify your goals, your desires, and your thoughts. This is going to be a place where we amplify love, where we build our confidence, where we manifest our wishes, and we move out into the world boldly and courageously with love. So I am inviting you on this spiritual love journey through this podcast where we’re going to have conversations about love, about life, and everything in between. So go ahead, send me your questions. I cannot wait to hear from you. I can’t wait to have you on the show. And let’s keep the conversation going. Until next time. Peace.


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