July 5

Shifting the Energy of Love


Weekly Spiritual Love Forecast – July 5

Greetings beloved peace and blessings to you.

This is Jovhannah The Spiritual Love Healer, founder, and creator of the Spiritual Love Sanctuary. And I have a weekly spiritual love forecast for you. So I decided that I was going to do this every Sunday to kind of give you an overview of what to look forward to what to maybe expect this week. And so I pulled a crystal card and the energy card and what came up was the Angel of Love reversed. And then we have Fire Agate.

So I want to talk about what these mean and how these may play out for you this week. So let’s get into it with the angel of love reversed. I see a couple of things. One is that you are holding back from love, potentially. Kind of keeping it away, not being open to it. And the other way that I’m seeing this is that you are so busy helping other people, fixing their problems, being so nurturing and kind and caring that you were not taking care of yourself.

So this is an energy that we need to balance out. We need to ensure that we’re allowing love to flow in and flow out and that we are receiving it from other people as well. So this is a good indication that you may need to love on yourself a little bit more focused on some self-love and healing practices.

I know in the monthly reading that I did, for July, it did come up that healing and self love would be very important. Be mindful of how you are treating yourself, how you’re talking to yourself of the relationship dynamics that you’re involved in. Are they giving to you? Are you receiving the same energy that you are putting out from people? Because if not, then it’s going to be important that you kind of step away, pull your energy back into yourself and truly love on you get in and around people who are going to love you back.

If you are a single mom, I invite you to join me in the Healing Single Mothers Facebook group. It is an awesome growing group, wonderful place to be where you can talk, be supported, receive love and all of those beautiful things. So let’s make sure that we are being kind, being loving and also being mindful of people who are just kind of taking and not returning that same energy.

And for some people, like I said, this is you being closed off to love for whatever reason. So explore that. What is it that you are holding back? Why are you holding back? And if you would like love and this comes up too sometimes for people who are like, they you know, they’re single, but they feel like they’ll always be single or they can’t meet a good person. You have to change that narrative. You can’t continue to have that same energy and think that you’re going to be able to pull love into your life, but that’s a whole nother conversation.

So we want to make sure that we are reflecting love, receiving love and being loved this week. And the crystal that came up was fire agate, which is a very, very beautiful situation. And this is about not only is it fire agate is a very powerful stone that also resonates with our creative center, with our sacral chakra. And it’s a very passionate thing. And it says here, the healing mantra is “May I feel all I need to feel in order to heal me”.

May I feel all I need to feel in order to heal. So if you are cutting yourself off from your emotions, you’re not allowing yourself to heal.

And one of the things that I have seen in the dating world, especially being on online dating sites, trying to talk to people and just looking at their energy, there are a lot of people (men included) who are hurting, who should not be trying to date at this moment because they’re not even aware that they’re still hurt. And they’ve taken on that pain as an identity. And that’s what we do not want to do.

So when we’re seeing this coupled with the energy of Fire Agate it’s very pertinent that you focus on healing, whatever issues or wounds that you have around your heart space and around relationships. This is also a protective energy that it’s going to shield you from additional wounding and additional conflict, but you still have to take care of what’s inside. So rather than taking on additional hurts, it’s important to heal, whatever you’ve got going on so that you can be open back open to receiving love.

And this also for me, it comes through as very passionate, when I think of like Fire Agate, it’s a very passionate energy, but it’s also protective. And of course, we want to guard our hearts and minds, but not so much so that we’re blocking ourselves off to like all of the goodness that is available out there to us. So I hope that this reading has inspired you in some way. And just take this energy, be mindful of it, love on yourself this week. And if you would like some personal guidance or support visit me over at www.spirituallovesanctuary.com where you can book a session with me and we can dive into matters of the heart that are impacting you or other areas of your life in deep gratitude, have a beautiful week. Bye.


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