Spiritual Healing and Guidance to Help You Live Abundantly Ever After!

Spiritual services for women, who are tired of living in pain and are ready to heal, grow, and thrive!

6 weeks of healing + Support

Take a moment to reclaim your joy and add spice back into your life! Get the clarity you need to reset, refocus, and level up in life with healing, life coaching and spiritual guidance.


Before you can move on, healing is needed. Release the past, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and begin to embrace a new way of living and loving.


Life changes when you do. Shift your mindset and change your behaviors to attract bliss, joy love, abundance and all good things into your life.


Integrate and embrace a new you, a new life, and a new love. This is where the magic happens when you are able to shine brightly as the Goddess you are.

reconnect to your 

Angelic Heart Healing Session

Be comforted by the loving and healing presence of the Angels to help you release pain, worry, and stress to embrace love, healing, and forgiveness. These sessions can help with anything that you are struggling with, but focuses on dealing with heavy emotions, negative energy, trauma, stressful situations, relationships, and other matters of the heart. As a channel, I connect with the Angelic Realm and allow healing energy to flow through me which helps to boost your emotional and spiritual health.

group and private coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

Intuitive Healing, Guidance, and Support for Your Journey in Life. Get clarity on what you desire and support to overcome obstacles and navigate the challenges you face as you heal your heart and attract the love and life that you truly desire. Live Abundantly Ever After!


What they say

charmaine d.


 What we covered, plus just your interest in me was a huge factor in me moving forward. I really appreciate the guidance and insight you shared with me and that helped me to believe in myself again and make the steps in the right direction.



Jovhannah's readings always help me achieve the clarity I am looking for. She's able to give you a thorough reading and even when you aren't really sure what you're looking to hear. She gives you not only what the cards are saying but helps you relate it to your inquiry. I go back to her time and time again.


Reiki Boost



Energy healing session to help you relax and boost the flow of positive energy within. 




Intensive treatment plan to support you in releasing and healing deep seated trauma.




Receive support to help you heal and process trauma, releasing negative energy.

spiritual love consultation

Discover how I can support your healing and growth.

Book a 20 min consultation call to learn how the Spiritual Love Sanctuary can support your needs. This is not a free session, but a chance for you to learn how I can support you and to determine best course of treatment for your specific needs.

If I don’t feel I’m the right healer and coach for you or vice versa, I’ll provide you with the best resource or referral.

Success Stories

what to expect during energy healing session


Angelic Heart Healing Session

 I had my first Healing Session with Jovhannah and she explained to me how the process works and discussed how my body may react afterwards mentally and physically.

Let me tell you that I just relaxed while laying on the floor and felt like a burden was lifted off me. A few days prior and hours prior to the call I was thinking about some things that I have to do. The angels confirmed. Since that time I have been open about my needs and wants and not afraid to ask for them. I’ve even met someone. Out of the blue because I didn’t see it coming!

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