August 11

Reconnecting with a Dream: Self Realization Through Yoga


So I have been at this yoga thing the past month or so. It’s not hard once I start doing it, but like any new habit making it stick is a challenge. It was so easy for me to get out of the habit of doing yoga that I need to work on getting back into it.

Self Realization Through Yoga

Since I’ve started practicing yoga consistently again, I’ve had 2 realizations:

  1. I don’t have any yoga wear
  2. I had forgotten a dream

Yoga Wear is Essential

So normally when I do yoga since I am home I wear something comfortable, which is usually a snug shirt, so when I bend it moves with me and doesn’t slip when I bend.

But it would be nice to have some decent yoga wear. While it’s not required it will make me feel good and look good, plus I get to shop (and take pics)!

I have a few pair of short pants that I wear but run into a few problems. The legs are wide so they move too much for my liking when I am moving in and out of poses.

I’ve tried some leggings but they make me too hot. I want something fitting, that moves with ease but not too much and I’d rather not wear shorts because the way my body is set up, they move way to much.

What does that mean? Currently, I do yoga sans pants. But that’s okay because I’m at home. I would love to record my yoga practices but first, I need yoga wear.

I’m looking into some companies to see what I can find that meets all my needs. I know there are a ton of options so this may take some time, trial and error.

I really would love to find a local small business that makes or provides yoga gear.

Yoga Deepens Self Awareness

My second realization was quite profound. So let me give you a brief history: when I initially went to college I studied Sports Medicine/Athletic Training.

It allowed me to combine my love of healthcare and sports. I wanted to become a private athletic trainer to help athletes stay in top condition.

I never finished that degree because, well life. I did return to school for Business Management with a concentration in health care.

Everyone has always encouraged me to become a nurse because of my caring nature, interest in medicine, and I’m always giving advice, but I never pursued that path.

Anyway people have always told me I should go to medical school, especially my mom. Deep down I know I’ve fought against it, I have no real reason why. Maybe it wasn’t the right time.

When I started doing yoga several years ago I began researching the benefits. I taught myself aromatherapy, studied every religion under the sun, practiced meditation, and really experienced holistic healing.

When I learned about therapeutic yoga it really interested me. I could still do some form of athletic training, but by doing yoga therapy for athletes. This really piqued my interest in studying medicine furtuer.

Med School Keeps Calling  Me

Last month I was talking to a lady and she mentioned she wanted her daughter to go to nursing school and I shared some information with her.

She was really surprised and asked how I knew it. I proceeded to tell her and she said to me I need to go to nursing school.

We talked a bit more and I listened and reflected on all the people who gave me the same advice, and all the times I let the opportunity pass over me. I couldn’t understand it. After a few weeks I buried myself in other things so it wasn’t as pressing.

A Dream Deferred

When I started doing yoga I remembered a vision board that I created. I had images of a yoga studio. I wanted to become a certified yoga instructor and help people build strength and overcome physical, mental, and spiritual challenges with yoga. That was a dream long forgotten.

Magic on the Mat

This dream has resurfaced recently. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and maybe this is part of my calling.

There are so many opportunities that would be available for my family and I if I choose this path.

I can still blog, become certified in coaching and counseling to really push forward with my business. I could be a private duty nurse or better yet a Doctor of Osteopathy, which is more aligned with my work, yoga therapist, the options are really endless.

Remember when I said this goal of yoga was about more than just me doing yoga, maybe this is why. It was totally my intention to just roll out my mat and get my yoga flow going, not to ponder life altering decisions.

Do you have a dream that you may have forgotten or put off? I know it’s possible to reach this dream, I just need to create a plan and stick to it.


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