February 17

Self Love is the Best Love


Valentine’s Day just passed and all the love was pouring out on the internet and the streets.

I am all about love!

While I didn’t get to spend time with my Valentine I was still able to feel the love.

I took the day to focus on myself and had a coaching session. I have had so much on my plate lately that I haven’t really taken the time for me that I need.

I know I am not the only Super Mom out there, so I thought I would talk about self-love today, because it truly is the ultimate love.

As Moms, we tend to go hard for everyone and everything and leave the fumes for us.

I didn’t realize that was what I was doing; between the girls, work, my business, taking classes, and everything else, I was running on fumes.

My mind has been racing so much that I couldn’t sleep at night, that’s never good!

It was time to do some work on ME!

The first thing I asked myself is how was I loving myself?

Then I extended that to my relationships.

It was time to strategize.

I needed to unwind, relax, and refocus. I pampered myself, had a fun night with my best friend, and slept in! I also realized that I needed to take more time off, including online, so I can just exist.

Naturally I rolled out my yoga mat. I have been off the mat for a while, but I set an intention to get on my mat every day.

I love yoga because it’s like an all in one physical and spiritual practice. I know the peace that yoga brings and that will feed my soul as well.

My daily routine needed revamping, so I have been tracking how I spend my time, and mapping out ways to make better use of my time.

Having this check in session with myself was the ultimate gift I could ask for this Valentine’s Day (along with having a babysitter).

I got some much needed quiet time and a chance to really tune in to myself.

My theme for the year is focus, and it seems I was leaving myself out.

I am refreshed and ready to handle everything that life throws at me, right after this nap.

Even though Valentine’s Day passed, make sure you take the time out for you and give yourself some love.

Self love really is the best love.

How can you show yourself a little love each day?


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