August 15

Respect the Roar: Communicating Respectfully


There are ways to communicate with people without being hurtful or disrespectful.

A lot of people have poor communication skills which are shown in the way they speak to others and how they comprehend things.

Anger, hostility, and hurtful words that inflict pain and show disrespect are not needed. There are ways of respectfully disagreeing or even checking someone.

You might be familiar with this type of behavior if you’ve been in a toxic relationship with family or an intimate partner. It doesn’t feel good and can cause you to be defensive and shut down.

When you talk to your peers or children are you doing so from a place of respect? How do you want people to communicate with you?

This is something that I consider often. I think about what I say and how I say it, making sure I don’t hurt others in ways that I have been but most people don’t think that way.

Respect is as common as common sense.

Have you ever felt like this?

I’m not sure why people think they can talk to others in a disrespectful manner and expect it to be tolerated. We aren’t animals, we’re human beings with a soul and emotions and deserve to be treated with respect.

So when you decide to stand up for yourself, and they hear you roar back at them all of a sudden are you in the wrong… funny how that works.

I don’t care who you are there’s no place for it.

As a grown woman, who’s paid her dues, endured storms and is progressing through life, I don’t need all that and neither do you.

No one does.

The things that you have accomplished, experienced, overcame, and endured make you the Woman are today.  

You have every right to command respect. Allow your voice to be heard. Say what needs to be said in a direct, and assertive way.

It’s not too much to ask to be treated with respect.

Here’s my thing, if I don’t talk to you out of line then I definitely do not expect to receive that from you. We’re all adults, speak your peace without attacking the core of my being and I will respond as sweet as Carolina Ice Tea.

Come at me any other way and the warrior power will rise up from within myself and slay you.

It seems that respect, communication, trust, loyalty, and confidentiality are traits becoming lost to most of humankind.  I salute those who still operate out of these principles!

I don’t stand for disrespect. Period!

You cannot treat someone like trash and expect to get the best out of them. That goes for anyone. Children, employees, coworkers, family, friends, strangers, and lovers.

If you want respect you must give it. No one was put here to be a doormat.

It goes without saying, but apparently still needs saying: Treat others the way you want to be treated. This is a basic elementary school principle that many people have forgotten.

Take some time and ask yourself, how am I treating others? If you feel like you’re always in defense mode or you’re lacking respect, ask yourself if you are speaking up for yourself and being assertive.


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