live workshop

Journaling for Renewal with 

The Spiritual Love Healer

sat. aug. 21

3:00 pm/est

Here's a taste of what you'll experience:

Get clear on Your Vision for Life

Reconnect with yourself during this hands on journaling workshop and get clarity on your life as you develop self awareness. Decide your next steps in life by envisioning yourself and your success during a guided meditation.

Receive Support for Taking Next Steps

This is time for you to be Renewed and Restored! Connect with other participants and share your hopes and dreams, while encouraging each other to succeed. Get your questions answered and receive coaching. 

Learn how to create a holistic self care plan

Part of renewing yourself is embracing self care. During this workshop we'll explore what that looks like holistically and you'll have time to create your very own self care plan to help you achieve your goals and dreams. 

Stay to the very end for an extra special bonus.

About Jovhannah Tisdale

The Spiritual Love Healer

Certified Spiritual Coach and Healer, I am a huge advocate for journaling and supporting women's healing. My passion and purpose is to help women who have experience trauma and pain in life like myself to heal her mind, body, and soul.