June 28

Remembering to Focus


A newborn & preteen to love and raise, back to work full-time (ugh) & working overtime when I can, preparing for classes in another week, working on my blog, networking, marketing, and building my own business. It’s a lot!

These are the things I have been focusing on. Each builds off of the other but lately, there has not been enough time in a day for me to accomplish everything I set out to.

I started using a bullet journal and that has been helping, but I’ve been feeling stretched pretty thin lately.

I know I am not sleeping nearly as much as I should be but, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. If I don’t do anything, nothing will get done.

As I sat here today meditating on my life, I kept hearing and seeing focus, Focus, FOCUS!

I need to focus, I am scattered and forgetting small, yet important things. I want to be a success, I want my blog & brand to be a success, but to do that I need to focus.

I can’t do it all in one day or overnight. Once that set in, I was able to take a deep, relaxing breath and started determining how I can tackle all the things that are important to me. My girls are a definite priority, work… I have to (for now), my education, & my blog…

Notice something missing… yea myself.

I realized that it wasn’t everything else I needed to focus on it was ME! I can’t take care of my babies or anything else if I am not taking care of myself.

I need to be my best so that I can be there for my girls and do my best with each task I take on. Tonight my plan is to get my calendar organized, work out a daily schedule to follow, and go to bed early!

I take comfort in knowing that if I continue to focus on the right things I will see all my dreams come true.

So to all my loves, stay focused, pray or meditate, and remember to take care of you!


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