September 13

Releasing Un-Forgiveness


Forgiveness is one of those life skills that we don’t learn. So many women ask me how do I handle unforgiveness and how do I forgive someone who still treats me wrong.

It’s commonly thought that forgiveness is excusing someone from what they did, and that is the furthest thing from the truth. It’s not about them at all.

Forgiving is about you. It allows your heart to heal and for you to let go and move on from the situation.

When you forgive someone you are able to take back your power from that situation so that it no longer affects your life. Forgiving isn’t a one and done thing. It takes effort and it takes time. The length of time depends on you, the person and the situation.

Some things are easier to forgive than others, what is most important is that you do the work so you can be free. Holding on to unforgiveness keeps you tied to that person and whatever they did. The thing is so many women hold on to grudges and don’t truly forgive because we haven’t been taught how.

Instead of allowing healing, we shut down and hold things in. Never forgetting how we were wronged. That’s no way to live, carrying about the burdens and pains of the past. We need to learn how to forgive and I am going to teach you all about it.

Forgiveness heals your heart, allowing you to release anger and tension from your body, and reconnects you to your spirit. It opens your heart and mind to love and positivity.

Holding onto negative emotions like anger or fear, which are closely connected to forgiving can create dis-ease within your physical body. The mind, body, and soul are connected. When you don’t forgive you are in a perpetual state of grieving the loss, hurt, or trauma.


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