November 12

11.12.22 Card of the Day: Reflect on Your Growth

I love having quiet mornings.

This was the first Saturday that I’ve had free in so long! I still woke up early and did my journaling. Then I allowed myself to just rest in bed while Savvi slept.

I used this time to think about everything I’ve accomplished and the freedom that I feel. I dropped in to receive guidance, and pulled the Three of Air ~ Echinacea.

I love this herb. As I work with The Herbcrafter’s Tarot I’m remembering the knowledge I have about herbs and plants.

In a traditional deck, this is the Three of Swords and speaks of heartbreak, sorrow, and grief. To me it’s the card signifying that healing is needed or being fixated on past hurts.

Echinacea is a healing herb. Looking at the picture, they remind me of little purple sunflowers. Being able to stand tall after all I’ve gone though!!

This is about accepting the truth, healing, and helping others heal. Much of my healing took place when I started sharing what I was experiencing, now it’s my job to help others heal.

Today, I was able to reflect on who I am and where I am in life. No longer am I grieving, I’m able to help others with their own healing.

Everyday I wake up with a smile because I’m living my dream! This is my Abundantly Ever After!!


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