October 21

Reconnecting with the Tarot Reading


I created this spread to help me reconnect with my practice. I hadn’t been reading as often and felt disconnected from my cards.

Find the full spread and tips on reading it: Reconnecting with the Tarot Spread

I used the Cosmic Visions Tarot for this reading.

Where am I on my Tarot journey?

Mother of Swords – My first thought was IDK! I had no clue. Then after looking more deeply at the card i felt its developing my own thoughts and ideas about Tarot. Having a clear channel to connect to divine knowledge and communicating with spirit. This is having a clear understanding and trusting in what I know. Hitting that sweet spot of alignment with my heart and mind. This Queen is able to communicate with being and understand them. Creating my own process, ideas, seeking truth. I am dominant in claircognizance. Trust it This is being connected to my intuition.

Why have I felt disconnected from my practice?

What am I learning in this moment?

How will this lesson help me on my life’s journey?

How can I reconnect with my Tarot practice?

How will this serve my highest good?


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