November 17

11.17.22 Card of the Day: Plenty of Comfort with the Nine of Earth

Today is a Nine of Earth day! I’ll be receiving my first pay from working as a massage therapist! I can’t explain how much this means to me. I’m moving from feeling unsettled into security! I’m moving into this space of deeper levels of security and comfort, not just financially but also within and I LOVE IT!!!

I made a lot of sacrifices to get to this place, and because of that I’m being very mindful and intentional about my spending.

The Herbcrafter’s deck features apples on this card. Apples have many, many uses and a fairly common and easy to grow. A beautiful choice to represent abundance.

I learned that apple trees live for over 100 years!! Rather than focusing on worth and luxury like the traditional Tarot, this deck talks about the ability to sustain wealth. Which makes sense.

Before getting to the Ten of Earth or Pentacles, having the ability to appreciate and sustain the wealth is needed.

When I was little I loved Red Delicious apples, but then grew to love Granny Smith. There are many varieties of apples, just as there are uses and as abundance comes in different forms.

There’s something about this card that feels so safe and warm. My question today was for Great Mother to provide a message and it has been received.

One thing I took away from this card is that every part of you is needed and useful. There’s nothing wrong with using what you have, but it’s important to use it wisely.

The guidebook says this about the Nines in the deck:

She is able to handle her grief, is nurtured and taken care of, and is able to nurture others without depleting herself.

What a journey I have been on with abundance this year, and in life overall. I did A LOT of abundance work and learned some key things about it. Now I’m able to live this new money story rooted in plenty!


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