December 20

Pick a Theme: Why You Need a Yearly Focus


As the year comes to a close I have been prepping and planning for the coming year.

I gave up on resolutions a while ago and instead take action and direct my energy where it is needed.

Setting intentions and focusing is a much better way for me to accomplish things than setting resolutions.

I think of resolutions as promises, those can be broken pretty easily and riddled with excuses.

To eliminate all the vagueness and potential for failure, I opt for a different method when planning for a new year.

I am going to share my focus for the year, and include how I come up with a theme and why.

Coming Up With A Theme

For the last few years, I have come up with a theme. It’s generally one word. A word that has so much power and energy behind it that it propels me through the year.

Pretty much this is my central focus for the year. It could be love, finances, creativity, writing more… anything.

This year my theme is Focus.

It seems pretty broad but in reality, that word is a reminder for me to focus on the things that are important to me and that really need my attention.

Before I decided on my theme I noticed I was saying that word a lot and things like I need to focus on this, I gotta get focused, so it was only natural that I chose that to be my driving point this year.

It was pretty much a no brainer, I need to stay focused in 2016.

Why I Chose Focus

I have the most going on right now, just like everyone else time is limited. I also realize it’s my most valuable resource and I need to use it wisely to make a dent in my goals.

I am getting ready to graduate, chasing after a determined 8-month-old, dealing with a teenager, and holding down my home while building a business and working full time!

If I ever needed to focus the time is NOW!

I need to focus and have things in order. My heart and mind are set on being successful, so in 2016 I am focusing on all the steps it takes to get there.

This month I have been putting things in place so that I will reach each milestone along this journey. To me having a theme is what sets the compass for the year.

I have spent so many years lost and not moving forward that I had to do something! I gave myself something to accomplish every year.

What does having a theme do?

A theme tells what your intent for the year is.

Think of it like it’s your compass. It will guide you in your habits, decisions, and actions so that you can achieve your goals.

In 2015 my focus was Change, and yeah my year was full of changes!

I had a baby, moved, grew in my relationship, things at work changed, and even my website changed.

It was an amazing year. Not all of the changes were easy, but I felt prepared for them.

Here’s a look at some of the themes I’ve had in the past:

  • 2012 – Creative
  • 2013 – Dream
  • 2014 – Love
  • 2015 – Change
  • 2016 – Focus
  • 2017 –
  • 2018 –
  • 2019 – Expansion
  • 2020 – Loyalty
  • 2021 – Freedom
  • 2022 – Passionate

 Are You Ready to Theme Your Year?

If you haven’t tried creating a theme for yourself I challenge you to. Pick a word or phrase, maybe an area of your life that you would like to focus on.

Whatever you choose should remind you of your goals and be the reason to push forward. It’s really simple and you don’t even have to do it for the year.

You can choose a time frame that works for you.

If this helped give you some direction, leave a comment and let me know.


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