July 24

My Personal Journey Became a Public Mission


What started as a personal journey has become a mission.

Intuition, healing, and developing others has always been part of me. In fact, they are some of my top strengths. Coaching allows me to bring the best of me to the world and helps me to express myself creatively doing something that I absolutely love!

The ultimate expression of my soul is the birthing of my own business Positive Forward Movement, LLC and the embodiment of my role as The Spiritual Love Coach and Healer. This concept lived in my heart and mind long before I knew what to call it, and way before I added an LLC to the end of it.

I am a business owner. I am The Spiritual Love Coach. I am an Intuitive Healer. I am bringing my best self forward and shining bright! I look in the mirror and say this to myself, to remind me of my purpose.

It’s quite amazing for me to have come so far. Years ago I was struggling to live and love, now I am on a mission to help women heal from toxic relationships and struggles when it comes to love and life.

Positive Forward Movement™ is my personal journey and mantra. It’s a lifestyle. It’s how I healed holistically from an abusive relationship and my struggle with depression. Now it’s my mission to help other women, like you, so you don’t have to struggle like I did.

My life is not without challenges. I still experience challenges that push me to grow. It is not always easy. It’s scary but also exciting. Each day I have something to be proud of.

I’m learning so many things along this journey, and I’m so excited to share them with you.

A Challenge to Shine Bright

I am challenging myself to Shine Bright! The challenge is for me to really take my business to the next level by actively promoting what I do and sharing my story. It’s not totally about my business though.

My business is very much part of my life, so as I grow and develop it does too. This challenge will help me evolve and come more in alignment with my life’s purpose.

There were parts of me that I was hiding. I never before shared my spiritual practices or that I’m an intuitive empath. I also wasn’t too open about my experiences with abuse or mental health issues.

In 2017, I started incorporating more of my magic and spirituality into what I do and it was the most freeing thing ever!

I have been opening up about the things I’ve gone through in my life from abuse, depression, and being a single mother. I am showing up and being transparent. I realized that in order to be of service and allow my light to truly shine, I have to open up!

In order to truly help you and myself. I needed to be transparent. Me being open and honest with you, allows you to witness my healing and growth. It also helps us to connect and build a relationship and that’s exactly what I want.

I switched my brand from my company name to The Spiritual Love Coach, because that is who I am and it’s my divine purpose.

It’s like my heart and mind weren’t on the same page. Positive Forward Movement is still very much apart of me and will continue to be my focus, but I really wanted to convey the message of healing, love, and relationships. I coach with love from a spiritual perspective.

I’m extremely happy with the decision to change my site to The Spiritual Love Coach this year, so I can focus my gifts on this area of life that I have a lot of knowledge in.

Stay Tuned!

I will be sharing so much more of me with you. Watch out for videos on my YouTube Channel and more awesome ways to connect. Don’t forget to join my tribe to connect with me and receive deeper levels of support!


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