November 13

Needs and Wants Reading


This simple 2 card reading is one I came across by The Tarot Diagnosis on IG.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

Need: Two of Fire

In the Herbcrafter’s deck, Two’s are cards that partner with nature. I love that even the card numbers are intentionally aligned with herbs.

Looking at this card I feel the energy is focused, but also unsure of where to start.

I’ve been considering the ways in which I use my time. I do a lot of things that I love, but sometimes don’t feel I have the time to truly focus on what I want because of other obligations.

Me being me, I try to do all the things, but I need to decide what’s best for me and be confident in my decision.

Want: Nine of Water

When I saw this my first thought was to be left the hell alone 🤣. How beautiful is this card?? I would love to be relaxing in such a beautiful place. Surrounded by water and a gorgeous blossoming peach tree!

Peace, relaxation…this is absolute bliss.

I’d love to have this feeling in my everyday life or even if I take a trip to a nice little oa


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