December 13

My Theme for the Year is Focus


As the year comes to a close, I have been prepping and planning for the new year.

For the last few years, I have come up with a theme. It’s generally one word.

A word that has so much power and energy behind it that it propels me through the year.

For 2016 it’s FOCUS.

I have been saying that word a lot. I even made these images into a wallpaper with the word focus in it. This year was a no brainer!

I have to stay focused in 2016.

I mentioned that I am starting a business. In order to be successful, I need to be focused.

I need things in order, processes in place, commitment, and time management. I found myself using the word FOCUS, a lot.

My heart and mind are set on being successful. In 2016 I want to focus on all the little steps it takes to get there.

This month I have been putting things in place so that I will reach each milestone along this journey.

To me having a theme is what sets the compass for the year.

I have spent so many years lost and not moving forward that I had to do something! I gave myself something to accomplish every year.

I started coming up with themes for the year a while ago. One thing that I have noticed is whatever I focus on is what I cultivate. One year I focused on Love. During that year I eliminated a lot of toxic people and relationships, I fully embraced myself, and really opened myself up to love.

This year I focused on Change.

2015 was full of changes for me. I moved, had a baby, and I’ve been doing things a lot differently. I changed, grew, and evolved. Even my website changed this year. I became so focused on being a mom and starting a business, that I changed. This year was amazing!

Past Themes

  • 2012 – Creative
  • 2013 – Dream
  • 2014 – Love
  • 2015 – Change
  • 2016 – Focus


If you haven’t ever created a theme for yourself I challenge you to do so.

Pick a word or a phrase, maybe even an area of life that you really want to focus on and see some change.

My theme serves as a reminder of all my goals, the reason I push myself, and why I do what I do. It keeps me focused on the things that matter.

It is my goal to help others, especially women who are where I was several years ago. So I will be focused on launching my business and making a positive impact on the lives of others.


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