October 11

My Personal Tarot and Oracle Decks


I’ve been getting back into programming my decks. This was a lost part of my practice that caused confusion for me. Each of my decks has a purpose, personality, and of course their own energy. I have over 200 decks, and have maybe 25 or so with me. (Not including the one’s I’ve ordered or backed on Kickstarter).

I realized this was a great opportunity to really connect with the decks I selected to come along with me. It was so hard to choose which decks to keep with me. It eats me up inside knowing my decks, crystals, and other important items are in a storage unit. Because these are tools of my trade, I opted for a climate controlled unit to make sure my items stay safe and sound.

Sooo let’s get into the decks I’ve chosen as my personal decks:

Lumina Tarot Deck

I fell in love with this deck in through the Biddy Tarot Planner. It was on my wishlist for quite some time and I was able to bring it home. I also picked up The Alchemist’s Oracle created by Lauren of Inner Hue too. Both decks are captivating! I’ll be honest, I don’t quite gel with the Court Cards in this deck, but have found a way to work with them anyway. As long as I read them as aspects of persoality, I’m good.

Anyway, when I got this deck I was going through my connection process and discovered there were 2 Six of Swords cards, which happened to be one of my favorites in the deck. That card had a special message for me and was supporting me through a transition. This deck represents Divine Wisdom and Guidance for my life.

I don’t have the guidebook for this deck. I store the Lumina in a pouch and the guidebook was in the box, and it got packed away.

Lumina Tarot and the Connected and Free Alchemist’s Oracle created by Lauren Aletta of Inner Hue

The Alchemist’s Oracle

I bought this along with the Lumina Tarot, and they play together really well. I have used this before in client readings and it didn’t feel right to do so. This deck channels messages from my Spirit Guides.

Tazama African Tarot

This is my ancestor deck. When I read from this deck the messages provided come from my ancestors! I really love this deck and am thrilled to have one that I can connect to in this way. I received the Dust II Onyx deck and worked with that as my ancestor deck, but the flow feels better with the Tazama, and my D2O is in storage too.

Tazama African Tarot

Wayhome Tarot

I could write a book about this deck!! When I saw it I ordered it straight away. I got it and waited to really dive into it for some reason, but as I looked at the cards it felt so familiar. So many elements brought back a remembering. The deck speaks to me so clearly. I wanted to do a general collective reading and it was like yeahhh.. nah we’re not doing that.

Everytime I would look at the deck the Fool card would appear. It was fascinating. This deck doesn’t come with a guidebook, but you can read WTF is Tarot by Bakara Winter who created the deck. Anyway this deck has a name. Her name is Justice and she is here to help me communicate with my Higher Self so that I can integrate lessons and evolve into her. I’ve never had a deck request a name or had a desire to name a deck, but this one called for it.

I will be reading with this deck a lot!

Wayhome Tarot by Bakara Winter

The Awakened Soul Oracle

Ethony’s decks have been on my wishlist for the longest time! I am in love with this oracle. The cards are massive which I totally love, these cards will provide me guidance in the day to day.

Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony

I have a feeling the purpose/message of some of these will change over time but for right now they are here to support my evolution. Quantum Leaping is the phrase that keeps coming up. I’m ready!!


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