December 22

My Journey to Becoming The Spiritual Love Healer


I smile as often as possible because there was once a time when I couldn’t. I smile because I want my girls to know that no matter what life is with living and they are worth loving.

Before The Spiritual Love Healer

I used to think that I was evil, ugly, stupid, and unworthy of love. I thought that no one would love me and that being abused happened because I deserved it. Let’s add depression and anxiety on top of that and I was living the perfect storm. Outside I seemed okay, but on the inside I was holding on to the depths of pain that no one around me could begin to understand.

Have you seen Stranger Things? Remember the upside down? That’s how I felt inside. Dark, hollow, empty, and scared. Only I was the monster and there was very little light inside me.

I say very little because I was still alive. Thoughts of suicide weren’t able to overtake me and I have heaven to thank for that. I had enough light inside me to keep going. I was strong enough to walk away from an abusive relationship. It wasn’t easy and I broke down afterwards, but it was the best thing that I did.

Uncovering and Releasing the Pain

All the hurt, pain, self hate, and all of the other ugly things I thought about myself began to surface.

I reflected on my life. My teachers, family, friends, enemies and all the decisions I made. It hurt like hell to see myself. My true reflection, because I didn’t have loving eyes.

It wasn’t until I began my journey of healing that my life started to change and with it the world around me also changed.

I’m The Spiritual Love Coach and Healer because it was my spirit that saved me with love. Love didn’t come from some knight in shining armor. It didn’t come from my momma or even my best friend at the time. The only one who loved me when I was down was me.

Me, Myself, and I that’s all I got I’m the end and it ain’t no need to cry. I took a vow that from now on Ima Be my own best friend.

Starting My Journey of Healing and Transformation

When I was going through hell I didn’t have help. I was called everything under the sun. I was judged. I was abandoned. I had a choice to make I could continue to die inside until i physically expired or I could live and rewrite my story.

People around me were counting on me to fail. In fact, some of them still do to this very day. But I won, and I am still winning.

I took control of my life. I started learning all I could about abuse, depression, and healing. What I found were the very tools I share today and they changed my life.

My healing journey started with yoga, meditation, crystals, and essential oils. I started learning about spirituality and energy healing. I went from heartbroken, no confidence, low self esteem, drinking my pain away to a woman with a purpose and a full life to live.

Heal Your Heart & Love Your Life

I learned that to be loved you have to be love and that comes from within. I learned that no one can have power over you unless you give it to them. I learned that I deserve more and better. I learned there is more and better. I learned that I went through hell so that I could stand on my testimony to help other women. I went through it so I could be a better teacher to others and to prevent my daughters from experiencing the things that I did.

I had to heal my heart and fall in love with myself. This gave me a different outlook on life and helped me become the woman I am today. Healing my heart empowered me to love my life.

What almost cost me my life turned out to be my life’s purpose. I took everything I learned during my own healing journey and began to share it with others. I studied and took courses in a lot of the methods I used, love, and believe in.

Check out some of the accomplishments I’ve reached so far:

I know who I am and the woman I am becoming. Most of all I know who I am NOT! It’s easy to let the world define you and shape you, but I took back my power and want to empower others to do the same.

I’m working on a couple more certifications because I want to incorporate a few more things in my spiritual healing and coaching business.

All I do is from the heart. I genuinely desire to make a difference in the world one heart at a time. I am The Spiritual Love Healer because she was inside me all along.

Welcome to my world, the Spiritual Love Sanctuary.


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