"You aren't a single mother. You are a Mother, period! I want to remove the word single so that you can embrace the fullness of yourself as a woman and mother.”

- Jovhannah

Welcome to Healing Single Mothers

You aren't a single mother. You are a Mother and I am here to inspire and illuminate your life with healing, inner peace, and love.

Healing Single Mothers is a lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting women, who are single mothers and are ready to reclaim her power by focusing on healing, self-love, parenting differently, and experiencing healthy relationships.

Healing Single Mothers is about support, growth, sisterhood, and encouragement in healing, finding and maintaining inner peace, coming to a place of wholeness, and of course love and living a life that you love!

Here I talk about LIFE, including wellness, inner peace, motherhood, mindset, love, self-care, relationships, personal growth, and ways to heal and overcome challenges with a loving heart.

We are saying NO to the past, struggling,  feeling alone, ashamed, and judged. We are saying NO to negative thoughts, feelings, circumstances, and people including abusive, toxic and unhealthy relationships.

We are reclaiming the true essence of love for ourselves and our lives. We are putting ourselves and our families first, no longer viewing ourselves as being a "Single Mom" but being a Blessed Mom! We are going after the life that we want, the love we desire, and the abundance we deserve.

Who am I?

I am Jovhanna Tisdale, better known as the Spiritual Love Healer. I was led to create this space because of my experiences as a single mother and being TIRED of the stigma, narrative, and shame attached to women like us.

It is my mission to empower and support other single mothers to continue living your best life and letting go of pain, shame, and trauma.

When we do the work to heal that prevents you from passing along trauma to your children. I believe that women are the pillars of the Community and when we are hurting, our children and those around us hurt too.

I am here to change the world, starting with You! I support single mothers along their journey to healing and transformation, rebirthing you into a beautiful, powerful, confident Mother Goddess through courses, coaching, spiritual healing and guidance, along with other holistic practices.