Get the Healing Touch and Relaxation You Deserve!

Choose from the Healing Hands or Halo Effect massage to experience 30 mins. of bliss and relaxation!

30 Min. Massage Offerings - $35.00

Healing Hands Massage

Pamper yourself and experience a 30 minute massage that focuses on your hands and feet. The warmth of hot towels helping to relax your tired hands and feet, while I massage out the tension, bringing relief and a sense of wellness.

During your session you can opt for relaxing or invigorating essential oils to enhance your session.

Perfect for busy moms and workers who are always on the go. 

Halo Effect Massage

30 min. massage that focuses on your scalp, neck, and shoulder area. This session relieves tension and is perfect if you spend a lot of time driving or sitting at a desk.

Hot towels and essentials oils are used to help enhance your experience and bring relief to your tired muscles. A vigorous yet calming scalp massage melts away stress.

Perfect for busy professionals who want to melt away the tension and stress.

What Our Customers Say

I am honored and proud to call Jovhannah my Spiritual Love Coach and Healer because working with her feels like a holistic retreat & spiritual awakening for my SOUL. I highly recommend Jovhannah!

Afua Danso

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