February 5

Life Lessons from Beyonce’s Formation



Her latest and greatest, Formation is all the buzz right now.

I will admit I’m not a member of the Beyhivé, but you cannot ignore the Black Girl Magic that Bey is hitting us with.

Not only is she commanding our attention, Queen Bey is telling us to get in line. It seems that Formation is asking to stand up for what you believe in.

What do you represent?

From the disaster in N.O., to the acceptance of natural hair, parental judgment, her relationship with her husband, the alarming rate of our women in prison, and petty girls spewing trash, Beyoncé does what she does best and serves it all up on a platter.

Oh, and did you see the police with their hands up?

What I got from this is no matter how talented and successful you are there will always be those corny haters set on disproving your merit.

People will talk, throw shade, and do things called being petty (which I don’t get) but you should never let it change you.

Don’t let it throw you off and don’t let it change you, most importantly love and embrace who you are. Self-love is the best love and if you don’t believe me I know you gonna believe Bey.

For me this was right on time! There is a message in everything. While her video highlighted a lot of societal issues, Beyoncé just sent us all a powerful message.

She is and we too can be successful if you work for what you want.

As a woman with emotions, it is okay to let them out.

With my message promoting positivity I try so hard to manage them, but I’m human, and I will be the first one to tell you I go through emotions too.

We aren’t perfect, but we can all shine and be stars with the right mindset and putting in that work.

She addressed everything and everyone in a way that embraced all of her. I think she may have been reading my diary!

Beyoncé came out and SLAYED, what are you gonna do?

I sent an email out earlier today talking about taking action on our dreams. The time is now, like right now.

Start loving yourself, working on your dreams, and changing the world! This is what Formation is about self-love and standing up for what’s important.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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