October 10

Lavender Essential Oil Saved My Lip! Here’s How…


Gum and me don’t mix!

I got into a fight with gum and lost!

Apparently gum does not like me. I usually don’t chew gum, but lately I was killing it.

I was popping gum like nobody’s business! Everything was cool until I bit my lip. It was no biggie. Just a little bite.

Then, over several days, I kept biting that SAME. EXACT. PLACE!

The last time I bit it I wasn’t even chewing gum, I was talking. Tears came to my eyes. I was pretty sure I took a chunk of skin off.

I wanted to cry and just take my entire lip off (not possible though).

The aftermath

It hurt. I mean Oh. Em. Gee did it hurt.

The last two days I have dealt with a sore, swollen lip. It hurt to eat, to talk. If anything touched my lip, it hurt.

There is a bit of soft skin missing in my mouth. So yea that hurts.

I rinsed it often with peroxide that kind of helped but not really. After having to talk all day at work, I came home determined to put an end to this once and for all.

The problem is there aren’t a lot of things you can put in your mouth for nasty bites like this.

It’s constantly moist! I thought about packing it with gauze and something like Neosporin but umm gross!

I worried about an infection because our mouths are full of bacteria. I started thinking what do I have that I can apply that will kill bacteria and treat the wound.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil for the win! A quick fix for my lip!!

Lavender essential oil!

It’s a safe, liquid that I can swab in my mouth to solve my problem.

I used one drop and immediately felt relief. I am totally comfortable ingesting this because it’s edible and I don’t have any alleriges to it.

I’ve had lavender lemonade, lavender pepper, and there are even lavender cakes!

I absolutely love this wonderful plant and the oil it produces! It truly saved my lip!

I will continue to reapply it, but I was so pleased when the swelling went down and the pain was gone!

Nature is truly amazing!

Lavender essential oil is a staple in my house.

It is one of my favorite scents! Lavender smells amazing!

I add drops to our bath water, use it on my skin, for acne and scrapes, and I use it to scent my dresser.

The smell is so amazing, fresh, woody, but calming!

I love adding a few drops to my lotion and other things that I may whip up at home. It is an all around, all-purpose, must have for me!

What’s your favorite essential oil?


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